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Episode 16 pretty much stays true to its name, which was a good thing. The episode was witty in a way and it turns out that some things the Bluth family has done come to bite them in the butt. The episode refers to the fact that Maggie Lizer A.K.A. Maggie Lizer-ass off (a lawyer going against the Bluth family), Michael, Cindi (a mole turned lover for George Bluth Sr.) and Maeby find their alter egos. Also the Altar part signifies that Gob has gotten hitched. Well as mentioned in this episode, these characters become the opposite of who they usually are. Cindi was hired to fall in love with GBS to extract info from him which would be used against him. Maggie pretends to be blind to gain the jury’s sympathy (which she reveals in the end).

Michael of all the characters, I would’ve never expected to turn into his opposite. He takes on the identity of Gareth Cutestory, a maritime lawyer (based on his role in a play as the persecution of captain hook). This is done based on the advice of his brother Gob in order to get a one night stand with one of the female lawyers at a bar. Now we all know that Michael is bad about lying and it ends up being more than just a one night stand but the very fact that he takes advice from his brother Gob is just sad. Seriously, that was possibly the worse move he can make, but I guess after finding out the significance of Maggie, it was a good thing he did what he did; for the family at least.

Maeby too switches to an alter ego here. At first it was weird that she put S. Fünke on her test. It was even weirder that she had so much money some of which she gave to GM for helping her with the tests. Then at the end it all came together. Maeby was getting money by disguising herself as a sick twin named Surely (clever name). I’m kind of saddened to find out that Maeby isn’t blood related to the rest of the family, because she definitely has the skills of her grandmother and grandfather (both sneaky and manipulative). She is however very much like her mother, using charities to her advantage. I also found it a bit ironic how she went into charity for money which her mother does, and yet throughout the season she tries to rebel against everything her mother likes. I guess it’s true when they say that no matter how much you try to not be your parents you become more and more like them.

Well I would write about Gob but it’s already established that he is an idiot in the family and his latest escapade proves this even more so. One last character I will write about is George Bluth Sr. GBS has found since the last episode, that he has an admirer named Cindi Lightbaloons. Apparently this lady was a mole who’s purpose was to infiltrate the prison and gain information from GBS. This fortunately fails after he does some “nipple twisting” and gets her to confess. She teases him all episode long about how he can win the case only to learn that she has faith in him (apparently she didn’t catch the part where he said faith is fact in a BLOOPER).

I really liked this episode a lot. I thought it was very clever and funny for the most part. Also it was interesting and fun to see some of the characters go outside of their comfort zone and do something they normally wouldn’t do (Maeby I’m not so sure about b/c she’s a natural con artist). Overall I feel like the season is coming to a really good close and as the episodes progress I look more and more forward to seeing what happens in the season finale.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Barry Zuckerkorn: “…FYI I’m trying to get back into the dating world.” Meanwhile one night earlier he drives around town looking for hookers. Her finds one and asks “Hey, you’re not one of those silly men that’s dressed like a woman are ya?

Hooker: “No baby I’m the real thing.” As soon as she says no he drives off (wow what a weird fetish he has).

Cindi: “I’m a mole.”

GBS: “God doesn’t care how big your teeth are, I guess you could go to a dentist and you could wooo, you could grind off, I dunno about 30%…”

Gob: “Believe me, I didn’t do any sleeping. I had sex last night.”

Narrator: “But he really didn’t.”

Gob: “Yes I did.”

The Scene where GBS and Cindi are talking and he finds out that her fact that he will win the case was her faith. She also told him that he said so himself, but this was part of a blooper and fact was supposed to be facet. GBS yells at her: “I am going to trial because you don’t understand what a blooper reel is? GUARD!” (to make this funnier Cindi is a blond)

The scene where Tobias is sent into Maggie’s house to steal the information only to discover she is not blind. She picks up a bat and walks after him.

Episode Rating: 5/5