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Well this episode was surely an interesting one.  It was definitely better than the last one at least.  I think the Bluth family finally accomplished something together on this day; well maybe not accomplished but let’s just say the ending was on an up note.  The first thing that came to me when I heard the title of the episode was that a virus was spread and everybody was getting sick or dying amongst the staff.  Unfortunately I was wrong and nobody died or even got sick.

Tobias stood out to me, the most in this episode.  I thought before that he was retarded for pursuing his acting career, but now that he landed a role (a minuscule one at that) I am starting to have some faith in him.  His character has gone a long way in this season.  Before he was supposedly a closeted homosexual who couldn’t get fully undressed, never had sex with his wife and didn’t know what to do with his life.  Now however he has progressed much.  He got a role for which he goes to jail to study.  Tobias thinks if he goes to the same prison or “penal colony” as his father in law, he will learn how to be scared inmate #2.  He can even get undressed and had sex with his wife.  The only thing is he is still questionably a closeted homosexual.  To his credit I think he has progressed further than anyone in the family (except Michael) in terms of what he is doing with his life and for that I give credit where credit is due.  In a way I hope (just a little bit) that he goes further with his acting career.

An interesting thing happened here too.  Gob has always picked on Buster (we see this in the various flashbacks to the Brothers’ childhoods).  Here however he finds appreciation and worthiness in Buster through a game of chicken (hardly the right game since their construction vehicles move towards one another slower than an elderly person).  Also this is the first time we see most of the Bluth family working as Lindsay takes Kitty’s place, Gob and Buster help out at the construction area, and the newly adopted son of Lucille Bluth (Annyong) goes to work at the banana stand.

Michael also proves that he isn’t as dumb and a failure as his family thinks of him.  After taking a day off from work, he finds a solution to his housing project dilemma.  It turns out that his building can’t go into plan due to zoning restrictions, so he figures out a way to fix it while at the beach making kids build sand castles.  Instead of having single pools for each house, he will build one big community pool for everyone to use.  He then arrives at the construction before Lindsay makes things worse and throws a party for everyone.  Michael is by far the only one to be doing something useful (with Tobias a close second).

The concept of cultural ignorance plays a role here yet again (remember hermano?).  Annyong’s name isn’t really that one; in fact it means hello in Korean which is where he comes from.  Since he says it a lot, everyone assumes that it’s his name.  On a funny side note, while typing this blog, Microsoft word suggested that his name is spelled wrong and that annoying could be a possible correct way of spelling it.  In a way Annyong is annoying, but only to Buster.  See Buster is no longer with Lucille Austero and wants to go back to his mother again (man how quickly they fall after a glimpse of freedom).  Now that his mother has a more competent son, Buster becomes annoyed at him for stealing his mother.

A concept seen often in this episode is sheep.  Michael refers to his employees as sheep, who have no direction without him; The bus headed for Catalina is called The Good Sheppard and in the end when the employees are lost, they go into the Sheppard’s sheep trailer so he can herd them back into their natural habitat.

I found a few things to be funny in this episode.  One was when Lindsay brought Lupe’s family to be used as scabs (the workers weren’t going to work after finding out Buster and Gob got paychecks while the rest aren’t any time soon).  Lupe’s relatives were actually supposed to go to Catalina for a family reunion, but plans changed when the Bluth employees got onboard the bus.  They apparently thought that it was a bus to lunch.  This episode brought a smile to my face, because It was nice to see everything work out for once.  I doubt it’ll progress any further because as is the nature of this show, as soon as something good happens something bad follows (most likely in the next episode).  I also felt connected to this episode because I too have the luck of the Bluths.  I feel like too often something good happens only to be overshadowed by something bad.  So with that said, it was good to connect more to the episode and know that I am not the only one who goes through this.  I could even go as far as saying that it brightened up my day.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Gob trying to go over the dirt mound on his Segway and failing (just goes to show how useless that vehicle is).

Michael: “How did you know I was here?”

Gob: “I called the office.  You that Kitty is starting to sound pretty damn sexy to me, maybe I outta-“

Michael: “That was Lindsay.”

George Bluth Sr. (to white power Bill): “… both of our religions have a lot to offer.  There’s the Jewish notion of heaven and that it can be attained here on earth; and there is your belief in the cleansing power of the pipe.”

The scene where Buster and Gob play chicken using construction vehicles (it’s funny because usually its two cars racing to ram into each other, but these vehicles go really slow).

Episode Rating: 5/5