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What was the most surprising element/part of this piece?
The most surprising part of the piece was towards the end when I found out that he was actually representing the Nazi side in court.  I did not expect that, with him being raised in a Jewish home.  I guess with his father always keeping quiet, it had a bad impact on him and perhaps his father should have spoken up a bit.
Would you take the case as Mr. Garbus did?
I would not take the case simply, because it is my belief that while free speech is free it is the responsibility of each individual to watch and think about what they are saying and where they are saying it.  The case of the neo-Nazi group just like the boy with the anti gay shirt, are good examples of when to keep your opinions to yourself.  Also I would have felt bad receiving letter from people like he did saying that he is the reason why Jews died.
Should the Nazis be allowed to march?
I guess they should be because they are allowed to say or demonstrate just like those of the opposite view.  This free speech issue is like a double-edged sword where everybody is caught off guard that there is a second side to it.  It is my belief however that the march was simply to rile up the Jewish community and they succeeded.  If you don’t like something don’t do it or participate in it.  It also brings back to memory a quote I once heard.  “If you want piece, prepare for war.”  I think this quote is very similar in its interpretation to the free speech issue because they are both saying if you want one thing then don’t be so shocked when something opposite of your intention occurs.
Can you relate any of this to a modern debate?
The debate on net neutrality can be compared to what was shown in this portion of the documentary.  Some believe that net neutrality should be kept out of the governments hands while others believe that the government needs to set them straight.  Since government involvement would mean regulations, and spying on users, many people think that the providers should be left to regulate the internet as they have been.

Tony Auth The following cartoon shows Washington DC under what seems to be either a lot of snow or sand.  Whatever it is, it is restricting the operation of the government, hence why the democrats are saying “WE’RE PARALYZED. NOTHING CAN BE DONE.”  You can tell that it’s the democrats saying this, because the elephant represents the republican side and says “SUCCESS!”  The way I see this is that The Republicans are obviously of opposing views to the democrats.  Now that Obama is in office, the republicans no longer have a puppet in office to represent them and Obama’s views and plans are something the republicans don’t want. Essentially, what they are doing is covering up the whole area with snow to stop the democrats from doing what they want.  The snow represents restriction or opposition to someone who needs to get from point A to point B.  This way, the democrats cannot do anything they wanted or promised to do.  Next time election comes around the republicans can easily say something along the lines of “well, why should the democrats be elected again if they couldn’t do anything they promised last time.”  So basically the cartoon is discussing the tactics that the republicans have taken to combat the plans of the democrats; slowing down and potentially stopping anything the democrats want done. This cartoon doesn’t seem to upset me, but does suggest the childish tactics that the republicans are taking.  It seems to me that after good old George Bush messed everything up, the republicans have been given a bad rap and want the democrats to suffer the same fate.  They all forget that they need to serve us, the citizens that elected them into office.  This isn’t a game like they think it is and while they play their little childish antics progress is getting stifled and people are suffering from it.  I think that’s pretty much the artist’s goal for this cartoon; to say that the republicans have cause a slow-down of progress and in effect have screwed themselves over because they too are in this mess. Tony Auth In this cartoon, we see Obama dressed as the doctor trying to revive a man who represents the economy we are under at the moment.  Apparently Obama succeeded and the democrats in the form of elephants are saying that they would let him die and that Obama’s tactics are communist.  Now keep in mind that the man being saved is recovering but is still looking like he is in shock. The way that I see it is that the republicans are all for lining their pockets with money, but as soon as they the democrats try to give some of that money to the people and help the economy, they get into a fit of rage and protest.  I think that is what the cartoon discussing; the fact that the republicans are shouting Nazi and communism too much without realizing what it means.  I think it makes them more for socialist and fascist ideals then they realize, because they think too easily that as soon as the government starts to help the country, which it’ll turn socialist. Honestly they don’t know enough about socialist ways because they never had to go through it.  Those who have and fled here for a better life will tell them they have no idea what they are talking about.  That is the biggest thing that gets me angry about the republicans.  They spit words out without even thinking what they are saying and even worse is that they are shouting them without proof.  That is the most dangerous thing you can do.  I feel like they are shouting fire in this case.  With that said, I think the artist did a good job depicting both roles in this picture.  It just seems t me that the republicans are al talking and complaining but hardly any helpful in their actions. Tony Auth The picture predicts how the tables have turned in recent years.  In the past, when the democrats protested something, the republicans used their power to do what they desired.  Now that same power is being used against them and they see it as something horrible.  This weapon is depicted as a tank, with the word reconciliation.  In this case it would mean that the weapon is the ability to come up with a bill to affect the budget.  It’s funny because when the republicans used it they thought it was the best thing ever, but what goes around comes around and that is the message this picture is trying to show. The cartoon actually made me laugh; because I love moments when something comes back to bite someone’s proverbial behind.  In this case it was much deserved, and I liked the way that the cartoonist illustrated it as being “then” and “now.”  It’s a good way to show the message because you see how it affects both sides and lets one side know how the other side felt when they did this to them. Tony Auth Glenn Beck is seen here depicted as a priest who tells people what should be done and what shouldn’t.  In this case his ideas of what social justice is can be seen as socialist and fascist ideas.  He preaches to a group of devils below him who all clapping for him and supporting him as it seems.  To me, the devils are those seeking to take away from the poor and make them suffer while the rich live happy lives.  Also it is said that the greatest trick the devil ever performed was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Demons of this sort are usually associated with tricking others into doing what they want, usually giving their souls.  With that said, it seems like Glenn Beck has given his soul up and has been tricked into believing that fighting for social economical injustice is a way of promoting communism. He has always come up as someone who needs to have their head examined, because I am shocked that he even believes the words that are coming out of his mouth.  I guess someone who never grew up in bad neighborhoods and fight for their life such as him wouldn’t know what the other side of the spectrum is like. I think the illustrator put him in the right context of preaching to those who are just as evil as he is.  The very fact that he believes what he says and has no shred of proof to back up any of his statements shows that he metaphorically sold his soul to the devil.  Hence the demons below him clapping at his words, because they know they tricked him into believing false ideas and spreading hate forward.  After all, hate leads to violence which leads to death and the so-called afterlife in hell for those who wronged others.  Kind of sounds like the movie Spawn. Tony Auth Three bears are seen here.  The first represents the right-wing who says health care reform is too much.  The next are the left-wing who opposes it and says the one we have are too little.  The last bear says that he will take anything to help.  He is also seen as smaller than the other two suggesting that he has no choice or voice in this case.  Also his crutch represents the fact that millions who are uninsured, are suffering from a disease or disability that they cannot afford to take care of. To me the message of this comic is that we have to stop our current debates and see what is really needed.  Obviously one of the two extremes will not work, so we need to come to a middle ground that will benefit everyone.  That is what the little bear means when he says “JUST RIGHT!”  He means that the true path is one that should be just right and not too much to one side or another.  I think that the illustrator has a good point in this comic in his message to find the middle ground. Tony Auth The anti-Google firewall in China depicted here mimics the great wall, built to keep invaders out.  The purpose of it according to china’s government’s activities is to limit social freedom which would cause an uprising.  Google has info that can cause such acts and therefore limits it.  A bird however can easily get over the wall and twitter having a bird mascot signifies that twitter will be accepted faster than Google will. Basically what the cartoonist is trying to say is that freedom of speech in China does not exist, and is instead regulated by the government.  Also what he is trying to say is that the government can’t regulate everything, and that eventually some aspects will seep through.  The big hitters like Google are easier to block, but something small like Twitter can get through with more ease.