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Episode 16 pretty much stays true to its name, which was a good thing. The episode was witty in a way and it turns out that some things the Bluth family has done come to bite them in the butt. The episode refers to the fact that Maggie Lizer A.K.A. Maggie Lizer-ass off (a lawyer going against the Bluth family), Michael, Cindi (a mole turned lover for George Bluth Sr.) and Maeby find their alter egos. Also the Altar part signifies that Gob has gotten hitched. Well as mentioned in this episode, these characters become the opposite of who they usually are. Cindi was hired to fall in love with GBS to extract info from him which would be used against him. Maggie pretends to be blind to gain the jury’s sympathy (which she reveals in the end).

Michael of all the characters, I would’ve never expected to turn into his opposite. He takes on the identity of Gareth Cutestory, a maritime lawyer (based on his role in a play as the persecution of captain hook). This is done based on the advice of his brother Gob in order to get a one night stand with one of the female lawyers at a bar. Now we all know that Michael is bad about lying and it ends up being more than just a one night stand but the very fact that he takes advice from his brother Gob is just sad. Seriously, that was possibly the worse move he can make, but I guess after finding out the significance of Maggie, it was a good thing he did what he did; for the family at least.

Maeby too switches to an alter ego here. At first it was weird that she put S. Fünke on her test. It was even weirder that she had so much money some of which she gave to GM for helping her with the tests. Then at the end it all came together. Maeby was getting money by disguising herself as a sick twin named Surely (clever name). I’m kind of saddened to find out that Maeby isn’t blood related to the rest of the family, because she definitely has the skills of her grandmother and grandfather (both sneaky and manipulative). She is however very much like her mother, using charities to her advantage. I also found it a bit ironic how she went into charity for money which her mother does, and yet throughout the season she tries to rebel against everything her mother likes. I guess it’s true when they say that no matter how much you try to not be your parents you become more and more like them.

Well I would write about Gob but it’s already established that he is an idiot in the family and his latest escapade proves this even more so. One last character I will write about is George Bluth Sr. GBS has found since the last episode, that he has an admirer named Cindi Lightbaloons. Apparently this lady was a mole who’s purpose was to infiltrate the prison and gain information from GBS. This fortunately fails after he does some “nipple twisting” and gets her to confess. She teases him all episode long about how he can win the case only to learn that she has faith in him (apparently she didn’t catch the part where he said faith is fact in a BLOOPER).

I really liked this episode a lot. I thought it was very clever and funny for the most part. Also it was interesting and fun to see some of the characters go outside of their comfort zone and do something they normally wouldn’t do (Maeby I’m not so sure about b/c she’s a natural con artist). Overall I feel like the season is coming to a really good close and as the episodes progress I look more and more forward to seeing what happens in the season finale.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Barry Zuckerkorn: “…FYI I’m trying to get back into the dating world.” Meanwhile one night earlier he drives around town looking for hookers. Her finds one and asks “Hey, you’re not one of those silly men that’s dressed like a woman are ya?

Hooker: “No baby I’m the real thing.” As soon as she says no he drives off (wow what a weird fetish he has).

Cindi: “I’m a mole.”

GBS: “God doesn’t care how big your teeth are, I guess you could go to a dentist and you could wooo, you could grind off, I dunno about 30%…”

Gob: “Believe me, I didn’t do any sleeping. I had sex last night.”

Narrator: “But he really didn’t.”

Gob: “Yes I did.”

The Scene where GBS and Cindi are talking and he finds out that her fact that he will win the case was her faith. She also told him that he said so himself, but this was part of a blooper and fact was supposed to be facet. GBS yells at her: “I am going to trial because you don’t understand what a blooper reel is? GUARD!” (to make this funnier Cindi is a blond)

The scene where Tobias is sent into Maggie’s house to steal the information only to discover she is not blind. She picks up a bat and walks after him.

Episode Rating: 5/5


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Well this episode was surely an interesting one.  It was definitely better than the last one at least.  I think the Bluth family finally accomplished something together on this day; well maybe not accomplished but let’s just say the ending was on an up note.  The first thing that came to me when I heard the title of the episode was that a virus was spread and everybody was getting sick or dying amongst the staff.  Unfortunately I was wrong and nobody died or even got sick.

Tobias stood out to me, the most in this episode.  I thought before that he was retarded for pursuing his acting career, but now that he landed a role (a minuscule one at that) I am starting to have some faith in him.  His character has gone a long way in this season.  Before he was supposedly a closeted homosexual who couldn’t get fully undressed, never had sex with his wife and didn’t know what to do with his life.  Now however he has progressed much.  He got a role for which he goes to jail to study.  Tobias thinks if he goes to the same prison or “penal colony” as his father in law, he will learn how to be scared inmate #2.  He can even get undressed and had sex with his wife.  The only thing is he is still questionably a closeted homosexual.  To his credit I think he has progressed further than anyone in the family (except Michael) in terms of what he is doing with his life and for that I give credit where credit is due.  In a way I hope (just a little bit) that he goes further with his acting career.

An interesting thing happened here too.  Gob has always picked on Buster (we see this in the various flashbacks to the Brothers’ childhoods).  Here however he finds appreciation and worthiness in Buster through a game of chicken (hardly the right game since their construction vehicles move towards one another slower than an elderly person).  Also this is the first time we see most of the Bluth family working as Lindsay takes Kitty’s place, Gob and Buster help out at the construction area, and the newly adopted son of Lucille Bluth (Annyong) goes to work at the banana stand.

Michael also proves that he isn’t as dumb and a failure as his family thinks of him.  After taking a day off from work, he finds a solution to his housing project dilemma.  It turns out that his building can’t go into plan due to zoning restrictions, so he figures out a way to fix it while at the beach making kids build sand castles.  Instead of having single pools for each house, he will build one big community pool for everyone to use.  He then arrives at the construction before Lindsay makes things worse and throws a party for everyone.  Michael is by far the only one to be doing something useful (with Tobias a close second).

The concept of cultural ignorance plays a role here yet again (remember hermano?).  Annyong’s name isn’t really that one; in fact it means hello in Korean which is where he comes from.  Since he says it a lot, everyone assumes that it’s his name.  On a funny side note, while typing this blog, Microsoft word suggested that his name is spelled wrong and that annoying could be a possible correct way of spelling it.  In a way Annyong is annoying, but only to Buster.  See Buster is no longer with Lucille Austero and wants to go back to his mother again (man how quickly they fall after a glimpse of freedom).  Now that his mother has a more competent son, Buster becomes annoyed at him for stealing his mother.

A concept seen often in this episode is sheep.  Michael refers to his employees as sheep, who have no direction without him; The bus headed for Catalina is called The Good Sheppard and in the end when the employees are lost, they go into the Sheppard’s sheep trailer so he can herd them back into their natural habitat.

I found a few things to be funny in this episode.  One was when Lindsay brought Lupe’s family to be used as scabs (the workers weren’t going to work after finding out Buster and Gob got paychecks while the rest aren’t any time soon).  Lupe’s relatives were actually supposed to go to Catalina for a family reunion, but plans changed when the Bluth employees got onboard the bus.  They apparently thought that it was a bus to lunch.  This episode brought a smile to my face, because It was nice to see everything work out for once.  I doubt it’ll progress any further because as is the nature of this show, as soon as something good happens something bad follows (most likely in the next episode).  I also felt connected to this episode because I too have the luck of the Bluths.  I feel like too often something good happens only to be overshadowed by something bad.  So with that said, it was good to connect more to the episode and know that I am not the only one who goes through this.  I could even go as far as saying that it brightened up my day.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Gob trying to go over the dirt mound on his Segway and failing (just goes to show how useless that vehicle is).

Michael: “How did you know I was here?”

Gob: “I called the office.  You that Kitty is starting to sound pretty damn sexy to me, maybe I outta-“

Michael: “That was Lindsay.”

George Bluth Sr. (to white power Bill): “… both of our religions have a lot to offer.  There’s the Jewish notion of heaven and that it can be attained here on earth; and there is your belief in the cleansing power of the pipe.”

The scene where Buster and Gob play chicken using construction vehicles (it’s funny because usually its two cars racing to ram into each other, but these vehicles go really slow).

Episode Rating: 5/5

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Usually I save my opinion of the show for last, but I just have to say for this one that it was mediocre.  It had its moments, but for some reason it just seemed not that good compared to the other episodes.  I guess the big reason why I didn’t like it was that the last episode built up so much and yet this episode felt more like a gun turret just shot an airplane down.  Also the episode felt predictable, but don’t get me wrong; every episode feels predictable.  It’s just that those were funny predictable and this is sad predictable.  I found that a lot of people gave this episode a good rating on IMDB.  Most said it was interesting to see how the 14th episode unveils more of what happened in the last episode and how   One interesting thing about this episode was that the name is taken from George Bush’s strike on Iraq called Shock and Awe.  Now this episode does not reference any post 9/11 relations, but it still plays a similar role.

I think after 9/11 the media shifted to more movies and shows that showed Americans beating the crap out of terrorists while others would deal with people recovering from 9/11.  Some shows even went up in action and went over the top with the level of violence.  Movies like Iron Man and Team America are further evidence of this.  This episode however refers to a different terrorist in many people’s eyes.  Saddam Hussein is the man in question.  It was hinted in a previous episode that George Bluth Sr. committed some “light treason” and this treason is connected to his housing development in Iraq. This is shown throughout the episode, where Michael thinks the pictures of Hussein look exactly like some of the house features in their model home.  Hmm… coincidence? I think not.  Also a woman played by a man named Nazhgalia is Middle Eastern.  I think her ugliness was a metaphor for the feelings America as a country had towards people of Middle Eastern descent, but that could just be me.

Anyway, it seems that George Michael is finally over Maeby.  His next target however is his ethics teacher who coincidentally loves Saddam and sleeps with Michael.  I got to hand it to him; he sure knows how to rebound from one crush to another.  At least this one is not as creepy feeling as the last.  In fact I think he has good taste because I too would go out with her.  I felt bad for him in the scene where Lindsay talks to him about it.  This is one thing that I love about this family, one person talks about one thing and the other about something else.  Case in point is that scene.  Lindsay thought GM wanted her as a mother and approached him sad that he doesn’t think of her as his mom in a way.  GM thought she was trying to win his love.  Same concept twisted differently, which almost sounds like selective perception.

Also it seems like Michael and Gob’s rivalry is back.  I thought Gob forgave him for going with Marta but it seems like he didn’t, because every time he sees a woman who Michael likes he sleeps with her… or not.  Gob set up Michael on a blind date with Nazhgalia to get back at him, but when he mistakes Michael for being interested in her, he flirts and sleeps with her.  He attempts to sleep with the ethics teacher only to go after the older civics teacher.  The funny part is when he thought he got rid of them; they ended up calling him which blew up his suave appearance.  Gob never ceases to amaze me and is probably the saving grace in this episode, because his stupidity and quick action behavior get him into so much trouble; most of which he later regrets.  He hasn’t developed much since the beginning but at least has warmed up to his brother a few times.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like the women in GM’s life hint at his chances of getting with them.  Maeby is at this point a maybe because they might get together (assuming she doesn’t find out she’s not related to him).  Ms. Baerly is; barely so their names speak of the chances he has with them.  I found that kind of interesting and don’t know if anybody else picked up on that.  In any case we find ourselves in the portion called:

Funny quotes and scenes:

(The beginning where Buster shares a bed with Michael)

Narrator: “Michael was sharing his bed for the first time in years.  Unfortunately it was with his younger brother Buster.”

(Buster humps Michael in his sleep)

Michael: “I don’t think us sleeping together is working out.”

Lindsay: “Although, I will say I’m a little hurt you haven’t considered me (thinking of her role as a mother).”

GM: “You’re my aunt.”

Lindsay: “That doesn’t matter, Aunts can fill that role; teachers can fill that role; and someday you’re gonna find the right woman to fill that role.”

Ms. Baerly: “Are you making dinner reservations?”

Michael: “No no, that was my mom; she just got a little Korean dropped off (referring to the boy his mom adopted).”

Ms. Baerly: “Ooo that sounds good let’s have that.”

GM: “But why would he do that? Why would uncle Gob sleep with my ethics teacher?”

Michael: “It was just to get even with me.”

GM: “How would that be getting even with you? I’m the one that likes her.”

Michael: “… you and I know that, but Gob didn’t know that; he’s not just that exact of a target shooter.  He just kinda sprays it everywhere.”

The scenes where Gob thought his one night stands were one night stands until they call him and he picks up.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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There was definitely a lot of beef in this episode, and it seemed like everything was finally coming together in the Bluth family.  This episode almost felt like it was the last one in this season (more on this later).  Apparently Buster is the only one in the family who is culturally enlightened, as he knew who hermano was (or more importantly what it translated to).  Gob knew that his relationship with Marta was going to end, be he still wanted to find out who this hermano is (Buster told him there’s a guy who plays hermano in the show).  Now there was one thing that Gob did in the episode that made me feel like my brain cells were dying.

His sheer stupidity knows no bounds.  First he gets his lights knocked out by the man who played hermano.  Then on top of that he keeps saying brother in many different languages aside from Spanish (he admits after one that he took Spanish for a few years).  Now I can relate because I took Spanish for a few years too and yet don’t know how to speak the language.  But with that said, at least I still remember some words such as hermano.  This is what strikes me about Gob.  You’d think that he would speak a little bit of Spanish seeing as how his girlfriend is Spanish.  The man is a loser and as my high school journalism teacher once said “you can’t fix stupid.”  I fully believe that Gob was dropped as a child or when he was born, because there is really no other way to explain his stupidity.  He did have his moments (such as when he rescued Michael from their mother) but they are few and far in between to justify him as a good person.  That and he cheats a lot which I think is messed up (especially when you have a hot girlfriend such as Marta).

Now there is a first in this episode which was actually a surprise.  Normally at the end of every (or most) of the episodes, there is a short of what to expect from the next episode.  The witty part about it is that it doesn’t really happen in the next episode.  It’s used more as a way to tie in and finalize the scenes that occurred in the episode.  For this one however, the segment from last episode really did say what will happen in this one.  In fact, this episode was more of a continuation of the last episode.  I found that bit to be significant and it all leads to why everything was done in this episode the way it was.

Another resolution was Tobias.  Unfortunately he did not admit he was gay, but he finally got over his never-nude affliction.  Now the “on the next episode segment” it mentions that Tobias’ role requires a naked shower scene which he is afraid of.  Lindsay finally shows her supportive wife side and helps him deal with it.  I found this to be a happy scene because Lindsay seems like she finally understands her husband and his dreams.  Either that or she just gave up on convincing him that he’s not a good actor.  For Tobias however it proved to be evidence that he is not a closet homosexual like everyone believed.  He and his wife undressed one by one until both of them were naked.  After Tobias finally undressed fully and asked what’s next, Lindsay came up to him and they led into a sex scene.  It looks like Tobias was the big star of the show for this episode and I was glad for him.  Not only did he get laid finally or for the first time with Lindsay (it was suggested that they never did the dirty deed), but he also gained something very important.  That thing is confidence, which I feel he has always lacked; especially after he got his license revoked.  I have a feeling now he will have an even more positive outlook on his life and be able to approach things head on more.

The love square between the brothers Bluth and Marta finally came to an end here as well.  Gob finally found out that Michael was the brother she wanted and Gob surprisingly let him have her with a happy face.  I found this to be peculiar of him, because a few moments before, he was ready to kill this “hermano” guy, but I guess the fact that it was his brother made him change his mind (he even admitted that Michael was better for her than he was).  Buster too tried to get to her but was unsuccessful with his mariachi band.  The funny thing is that she doesn’t even know who Buster is, so it makes this situation awkward to have him in, especially when this conflict is mainly between Gob and Michael.  In the end what seemed like a happy ending for Michael turns into a nightmare yet again.

Michael in this case was supposed to be the rational guy who is on time and did everything to help the family.  The time he decides to indulge in Marta seems like a wrong time in the wrong place situation, because, at the same time, he was supposed to be at the jury hearing to release their father.  Upon hearing that Michael isn’t there because of Marta, Gob gets fired up and fights with Michael when he enters the courtroom.  Now here is the funny part.  The three brothers are outside fighting (Buster is just there to get punched as he requests).  Michael told Marta the hearing will take 10 minutes, but it takes longer and her impatience leads her to find the three fighting.  She then leaves both of them seeing as how they both don’t love each other as family should.  I kind of saw this happening sometime soon, as it was building up to a moment of this magnitude.  Buster too reaches a finale here.  His struggle of independence from his mother is coming to a fruition here.  He admits that he feels free and wants to do all the things he was never able to do like go adventuring and get laid.  His final wish is to get punched in the face, because he never had that feeling (he would curl up into a ball when provoked as a child).

On another final note, George Michael’s creepy quest for his cousin leads him to find out that she was a test tube baby (a hint as to whether Lindsay and Tobias ever had sex before).  Upon finding this out, he talks to Maeby about it but comes to a dilemma.  She tells him that as much as she hates this family she wouldn’t change it for the world.  Now he faces a choice to either tell her or not.  I admired GM here as he really demonstrated that he is his father’s son.  Sometimes it’s tough to admit that your affection for someone was never meant to be and for GM it was even tougher.  He knew that nobody would condone him going out with someone in the family (if he even did).  Also he did an admirable thing to put her before himself which most men would not do most of the time.  And so, I think that GM did the right thing and is a good person for that, because there are always more fish in the sea.

On a final note, you may be wondering why so many problems have been resolved, and as promised here is the reason why.  Apparently this was supposed to be the final episode of the first season.  This is why most of the struggles have been resolved here.  I really enjoyed this episode.  It had a good ending; everything finally seemed to fall into place only to end up failing once again.  I was especially surprised by gob’s reaction to finding out that Michael was the hermano they were looking for.  Now that it seems like all has come to some sort of conclusion I am excited to find out what will happen in the rest of the season.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Gob: “You’re a good guy frère; that means brother in French.  I don’t know why I know that, I took 4 years of Spanish.”

The scene where Michael is about to make love to Marta and turns on the stereo to hear his brother singing love is in the air (his bad singing was the funny part).

Gob: “It’s all because of you fratello; It’s Italian for brother.  Now all I gotta do is find this hermano and kill him.”

Episode Rating: 5/5

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Well it seems like this episode is back to my cup of tea.  Throw in some love squares (or rectangles, whatever floats your boat), some relationship problems and you got a recipe for a very entertaining episode (hopefully more after too).  Now you are probably saying “love square? I thought it was a triangle.” Well my dear friends; there is now a 4th person involved in the Marta complex, whose name shall be revealed later in this blog.

Michael proves the theory that you never truly get over the one that got away.  During the Valentine’s Day/ Tobias and Lindsay 14 yr anniversary party, Michael sits down with Marta and tells her he had someone in mind but he let her get away.  Towards the end however, when he makes a toast he says “… to love and happiness, I love you Marta.” When done with his toast.  Now if I was him, I’d confront Gob and tell him how he feels about Marta.  Gob will probably get angry but he has no reason to because he’s always cheating on her with another woman.  Technically they aren’t even together which is good for Michael.  I think he needs a wife figure in his life to help him and support him (doesn’t seem like anybody else does, except for George Michael).  It turns out however that this toast was short-lived, and Michael’s promise of everything getting better won’t live up to its expectation.

Lindsay tells Michael the next day that she wants a divorce or to bolt.  Now you can’t really blame her for her decision.  If you’ve been following my blogs or the season (or both), then you know that Tobias’ never nude problem, his closet homosexuality and the plain fact that he’s a horrible and clueless father/husband is enough to come to such a decision as Lindsay has.  I would bolt too if I were her, although I would’ve never gotten married to someone like him in the first place.

Also Tobias is finally seeing Carl Weathers for the con he is.  During the party, they were outside discussing acting and while Tobias was steering towards the topic, Carl wasn’t (he went on about making stew).  I think it’s been apparent that Carl Weathers is a con man and a douche, because after Tobias says that he wants his money back, Carl gives him that “why would you want to do that?” look.  It’s funny because I was about to peg Carl Weathers for a scumbag, but he actually helped Tobias out a bit when he landed him the role of frightened inmate #2.  I guess after that he isn’t that bad of a guy.  I’d still take my money back from him though because lessons o how to make stew and talking about discounts and drinks isn’t going to land Tobias his roles.

Buster on the other hand is finally starting to build up his independence to tell his mother that he wants to move out.  He too was inspired by Michael’s words the night before.  Unfortunately Lucille Bluth hooked the other Lucille up with Carl Weathers which is getting on Busters nerves.  I guess we can say another love triangle has been formed.  But Buster will not return to his mother.  I’m kind of happy for buster.  He is pulling away from his mother which is something that should’ve been done a long time ago.  On top of that, he finds love rekindled when he sees Marta at the Bluth house (thus the love square mentioned earlier).

I think the highlight of this episode however is when Gob gets a taste of his own medicine.  He finds out by listening on her phone calls, that she’s in love with hermano.  Now, any normal person who knows a word or two in Spanish would know she’s saying his brother, but they think this is an actual guy.  Michael who is the smartest would know this especially since he was taking audio Spanish lessons (for business but it still makes a difference).  He yet again screws up when he confronts Marta about cheating on his brother only to find out that it was him that she wanted.  I guess even Michael isn’t the exception to the stupidity in the family.

On a side note, this episode was a reference to the Martyr Complex, where the person “desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it feeds a psychological need.”  Three guesses who this refers to (my money is on Michael because he’s always sacrificing himself for others).  This episode was definitely entertaining and is one of my favorite episodes thus far.  It’s got that combination of fail, rivalry, and misunderstanding one another.  I guess one man’s misery is another man’s entertainment.  Even the whole chase to find out who Marta is cheating with was funny and all because they didn’t know one word.  Stupidity like that deserves a laugh or two.

Funny quotes and scenes:

The scene where George Michael goes to look at the heart shaped candies, and each one he picks up says no way or fat chance, until he finally gets the one that says maybe tonight (in terms of his feelings for Maeby).

The part where they pop in the video GBS sent called caged wisdom.  It was supposed to be a video congratulating Lindsay and Tobias but it was instead advertising his series on how to change one’s life with Judaism.

GM: “… why am I in trouble?”

Lindsay: “You’re not in trouble, we’re all just gonna have a normal arrangement.  I’m gonna sleep with my daughter and you’re gonna sleep with my husband.”

Michael: “Excuse me, I’m looking for hermano.”

Brother 1: “Oh mi hermano; ai (points to gay makeup artist).

Michael: “Hermano; are you hermano?”

Brother 2: “Mi hermano? Esai.” (as Michael walks away the second brother looks at his butt)

Michael: “… Tell me everything you know about hermano… does your mom love hermano?”

Marta’s oldest son: “Si mi hermano (points to his brother’s bedroom).”

Michael: “he’s here?”

Son: “SHHHH he’s sleeping.”

Episode Rating: 5/5

Viewed at 10 in the Library cafe’s cage

Well it looks like Michael has finally gotten something good going for him and he manages to screw it up. In this episode we meet Jesse, a publicist who works out at the same gym as Michael. I liked how brutally honest she was in the beginning. It had to be someone outside the family to break the news to them, that they need a change. Especially after Lucille and Lindsay staged a drunken fight at a local fast food diner. It also looked like Tobias was about to go back to being a doctor, which would’ve been a good thing (he needs to find out that he sucks at acting). I found the funniest outcome of that meeting to be Lindsay’s job which was getting people to drink the alcohol so that it can be promoted. The guy who said he would pay her $2,000 to touch him wasn’t a surprise, but creepy. I guess rich men get lonely and desperate (unless he wasn’t rich in which case that’s still pathetic and creepy).

What ticked me off a bit was Tobias. He finally (what seemed like it) admitted that he is gay and yet denied it. I honestly don’t know why Lindsay still puts up with him (probably because of their daughter). After all that convincing to get him to become a doctor, he meets Carl Weathers (playing himself) and uses the plane money to get lessons from him. The funny thing about this is that he was given a similar role in Happy Gilmore, teaching Happy how to play golf (hopefully he doesn’t get killed by a croc this time). Tobias also hints at going to his seminar on acting which Carl didn’t go to because of plane problems. I have a feeling he won’t be unsuccessful in teaching Tobias how to act, because it seems like he is swindling him for money. For one, Carl offers to teach him and when Tobias says “Well I’m afraid I only have $1,100…” then after finding out Lindsay works at a restaurant, Carl gets Tobias to take him there to get some discounted drinks (hopefully).

The phrase “you can always tell a Milfrod man” gets tossed around often in this episode. The significance to that this school is very prestigious and is known for their saying that children should be “neither seen, nor heard.” Ironically the founder who said that is now in a retirement home (but escapes via the Aztec tomb during Gob’s charity show), and his son who has the opposite opinion. Buster was one of its graduates and so when the publicist tells him to stay away from the press; he goes to hide hence the phrase his mother uttered shortly after. I thought there was quite a nice comparison between Michael and the new head of the school, as both hate their fathers and don’t want to be compared to them.

Now back to Michael, because this episode is mostly about him. This new publicist happens to have a crush on him but he goes into father mode (his excuse for not furthering the relationship is that his son isn’t ready for this. Now I find this a bit messed up that he is using his son as a shield for his insecurities. It would be one thing if George Michael used his father as a shield because he is still a very young boy and does not possess the experiences his dad does. Michael on the other hand shouldn’t let that stop him. In fact, I see them talking and opening up to one another all the time at the end of the episode, and they always agree to help each other and talk, but We as the audience never see this being used to its potential. I think this shows just how rocky their father son relationship really is. I guess in this case it turned out to be a good thing, because Jesse turned out to be a total b*&$h. These two honestly need to sit down soon and work their communication out because it doesn’t seem like its working too much.

There was also a reference towards one of the characters in this episode. Being angry about Michael decision, Jesse comes up to GM and says “Daddy lost his shot at happy, and it’s all your fault, Opie.” The narrator then says “Jessie had gone too far, and she had best watch her mouth.” The reason why the narrator acted so defensive about it, was because he (Ron Howard played the character Opie on the Andy Griffith Show who happened to be a 6-year-old who lost his mother. I found this to be interesting and thinking about it after I found this out, I would’ve smacked her across the face for such a comment.

The episode had its funny moments, but didn’t get to me like some of the other episodes. I will give them credit for another hint at Tobias’ sexuality, but it got me a bit angry that he yet again covers it up. Maybe something will happen towards the end of the season but I have a feeling it won’t. I do feel for Michael because I too have been a victim of vicious felines and I’m sure plenty of other men have been too. It’s funny how women always complain how messed up men are and yet they never bother to look in the mirror to realize that they are just as bad if not worse. I just hope he ends up finding the right woman to continue the family (Marta looks like a bright candidate).

Funny quotes and scenes:

A father lifts up a card that says water, asking his son to read it. The child replies with “woman” (possible hint that he too is like Opie and GM).

Jesse: “No, There are very few intelligent, attractive and straight men in this town.”

Tobias: “Well that certainly leaves me out.” (Everyone looks at him)

Tobias: “She said single; you did say single right?”

GBS: “Sorry some of my students are arguing the significance of the shank bone on the cedar plate, but (looking at the inmates) we do not do not wag our genitals at one another to make a point.”

News reporter (asking Gob what happened to Earl Milford): “Where is Earl Milford?”

Gob: “… I put him in a box alright? I didn’t kill him; and don’t edit this for your broadcast so it looks like I said ‘I KILLED EARL MILFORD’.”

(The news airs that part where he says he killed the old man)

Lindsay: “You seem like a man of taste and class.”

Man: “I’ll give you $2,000 to you touch me.”

Tobias: “his name is Carl Weathers, and he is my new acting teacher. Lindsay, he’s teaching me all these valuable life lessons.”

Carl Weathers: “I buy all my cars at police auctions.”

Episode Rating: 4/5

Viewed at 11 P.M. at the cage in the library cafe

“Big yellow joint, a big yellow joint…”  And the episode was really good to boot. In case you are wondering, the song was inspired by the Bluth banana stand in the 70’s.  Now what does this have to do with this episode? Well Michael thinks Lindsay’s parenting is hippy like (she applauds Maeby’s C- grade) and hippies smoke weed (except for Lindsay).  The weed was actually for Lucille Austero.

Since she’s not taking medication for her vertigo, Buster find a study he was in that he thinks says weed can help with it.  The interesting part about it is that in his flash back the he participated in, he was found a few days later trying to take a bite out of a giant donut called Randy’s Donuts.  Anybody who knows this place knows that it’s almost a historic landmark (it was copied in the Simpsons along with other movies and shows).  Buster tries to get George Michael to buy the weed for him and convinces him to ask Gob to do it for him.  I thought it was funny how when the narrator is describing what Buster is doing, he shows him walking through what looks like a dangerous neighborhood.  During this time, the Narrator says “So Buster went to the toughest…” but quickly shifts to GM working at the banana stand when the narrator says “toughest most streetwise kid he knew.”  This part was just priceless because you have to be really dumb to peg GM for a tough and streetwise kid.  Seriously, he dresses up like a good old-fashioned white rich boy and that is definitely not tough or streetwise in my book.

Michael as usual falls for the pressure of everyone telling him he’s going too rough on GM.  I honestly think Michael is being a good responsible and caring father.  Yes he can be a bit harsh sometimes, but he only means well and for someone who has to raise a son on his own and raise the rest of his family, I give him a lot of props and respect.

Unfortunately when it looks like your child is under the influence of drugs (evident by the note GM left on Gob’s door), He has to take some measures.  He resorts to his dad’s way of teaching GM a lesson.  His father would hire a man with one arm to teach the kids a lesson (they didn’t post a note that the milk ran out.  Had they done so, he wouldn’t have needed to go now to get the milk and hit the guy).  Now the funny thing about this is that his dad tells him GM is too sweat and innocent and to not use that tactic.

Michael out of all people should not be resorting to this tactic (besides hiring a bunch of village people in cop uniforms is a failure and does indeed fail).  One thing is that Michael is not his father (he spent most of the season so far trying to prove that) he needs to find another way to talk to Gm about this.  Another is that as Lindsay told him in the last episode, he is too kind-hearted and it will never work (boy I hope he learns that lesson soon).  The highlight of the episode was at the end when Michael and Gob get busted by dad with “one last lesson.”  He stages some drug smugglers loading weed on Gob’s house boat and shortly after police arrive and a shoot out begins (the guns were fake).  Shortly after that the man with one arm emerges and says “and that’s why you don’t teach lessons to your son.”  His father is so… I don’t even know how to describe it but he’s a funny and creative dude.  I think GBS is manipulative and smart, but he uses it to a more positive extent than their mother (who is just plain old evil).

We also see Maeby.  Now she has spent most of the season trying to rebel (and often getting GM into trouble in the process).  Her latest ploy was getting bad grades which led to Lindsay finally taking action and making her go work for grandma (Lucille Bluth).  Maeby at first thought it was fun and enjoyed her grandma’s company, but as usual her rebellion failed when Lucille became equally as judgmental about her weight as she was of her mother (Lindsay).  At that point Maeby realized that her mom isn’t as bad as she thought she was.  I guess everyone was taught a lesson in this episode and it was for the best, because reality checks needed to be made.

I liked the end part where Michael and GM finally sat down to talk and GM revealed to his father that he likes his cousin (Michael didn’t think much of that and probably didn’t even believe him).  That moment was touching and to me, represented a point where a father son bond has been strengthened.  This episode was definitely one of the best so far and I am hoping that it keeps on going with this pattern they have of serious and funny.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Narrator: “Back in Boston, Maeby’s parents had enrolled her into a progressive school with its own system of evaluation” The scene shows how next to each class on the report card it says how maybe feels with a picture and at the bottom it said C-.

GBS: “We’re out of milk; I could’ve got it earlier if someone left a note” (he hits the man with one arm with his car and the prosthetic arm is caught on the front of the car). While kids are screaming in horror: “Why, if someone left a note this innocent man would still have his arm, why?”

Man with one arm: “and that’s why you always leave a note.”

Gob walks to a door with a “hot cop” uniform on and a boom box playing stripping music.  He knocks on the door and yells “POLICE OPEN UP!”  As he bends down to put his music on the floor, the person inside blasts the top of the door with a shotgun.

Buster to Michael: “Well I did call it our nausea, but you know that’s when we were going at it really hot and heavy.”

Michael: “well now it’s my nausea.”

The scene where the kids are screaming on a boat and GBS can’t hear the guy with one arm say not yet.  He then says “I guess that means go” which causes the man to lose his fake arm with blood squirting out.  The man then says “and that’s why you don’t yell.”

Episode Rating: 5/5

viewed at 10 P.M. at home

I honestly thought Gob was on a roll.  After his actions in the last episode, I thought he will rise further, and he did… for a little bit.  Gob’s is being hunted down by the new leader of the alliance of magicians, who wants Gob’s “legs.”  Michael thinking this guy is a Mafioso or loan shark tries to find Gob and warn him.  At the same time, we find out that Gob is cheating on Marta with his legs (the lady who exposes her legs in the sawed in half trick).  So now we find out that this Mafioso is really Gob’s rival.

Michael tries to be a badass in this episode.  Obviously he’s tired of being the saint because it’s not providing him with anything good.  His first act is stealing a leather chair from work (Lindsay protests him getting a leather chair which prompts Maeby to rebel by buying leather clothing).  His second trick is to expose Gob as a cheater in front of Marta who will hopefully come to him.  His plan fails though as Gob give him back his watch and says he wants to be a better brother.  The setup was to get Gob an act at an alliance approved place so he can get back into the organization (he’s reduced to doing tricks at a place similar to Chuck E Cheese).  He was going to ask Marta to be the head of the trick so she can find out about the legs Gob has been cheating with.  Unfortunately legs cancelled at the last-minute, and while Marta was still filling in for head, George Michael (who has girlish legs) became the legs.

Lindsay was right though when she told Michael that he will always be the nice guy.  Nice guys definitely don’t finish in first place though.  Also his conflict with his nice and good side, and what he wants shows up very well, but George Michael serves as a sort of as the watch dog.  He reminds him that stealing is bad and that is how his dad got into jail.  I think GM’s role in this episode was very crucial, because he personifies everything that his dad wants him to be, and yet his naivety gets the better of him most of the time (he tries too hard to follow directions to the dot without thinking outside the box).  And so with this naive nature,  he provides an anchor or check to Michael, whose intentions might not always be for the best.  In raising GM, especially in this episode, Michael realizes that he too has faults and even though he tries to be a better parent than his parents were, he still falls into the pit holes from time to time.

Gob’s situation shows a common behavior amongst 2 spouses.  Their beef begins when Marta disapproves his latest magic trick (he sticks a stick through his neck, in result scaring her boys).  This causes Gob to think that she doesn’t support him which ultimately leads to him taking the “legs” of another woman and sleeping with her.  This volatile relationship that they have is interesting because it happens all too often.  The woman not approving the man’s actions, and the man resorting to cheating in his vulnerability.  I thought it was interesting and a lot of people can relate to Gob’s position.  He also has the opportunity to get back into the alliance only to clumsily reveal to them how he pulled his trick off (he used GM as the legs).  And so, Gob learns yet again the golden rule of magic; that you never reveal how you did it.

Some changes also happen in GBS and Lucille Bluth’s lives.  For starters, GBS has been put in solitary confinement for trying to escape last time.  He then discovers religion in the form of Judaism and uses a ripped part of his shoe as a Yamaka.  It is at this point that he reaches some form of enlightenment and becomes a totally different person.  We see his change when he blesses Busters relationship with Lucille Austero (to Lucille Bluth’s demise).  It’s kind of weird, because usually when you think of inmates discovering faith, you most likely think Christianity or Islam.  The funny thing is that stereotypically speaking, Jews are rich and good with money (which GBS apparently isn’t hence his current predicament).  Then again he and his family are or at least were loaded so in a way it makes sense that he would go towards Judaism.

Towards the end, we see Lucille Bluth figure that Buster is happy and in love with the other Lucille (she looks at Gob and Marta when she finally realizes this).  This prompts her to ask Lucille to go play bridges with her and fix their friendship (Buster finds this disgusting because they are now so close).  Now if this was almost any other member of the family, I would believe that they feel the way Lucille Bluth was portraying herself.  Since it is indeed her, I question her motives.  Knowing Lucille’s manipulative and lying nature, I hardly doubt she is willing to fix her relationship with the other Lucille from a change of heart.  I’m pretty sure in the following episodes; she will reveal herself trying to sabotage their relationship from within.

The episode was good; I thought it had the makings of a good episode but not fully.  Tobias was yet again hinted at being gay by dressing up in leather and going to a gay “leather daddy” club.  One of the reasons it didn’t quite do it for me was that Michael is slowly but surely mimicking his son in terms of infatuation or love for a woman.  Even though his is less creepy than GM’s, the man is supposed to set an example for his kid.  I just thought that it’s no wonder why his son is like him.  They are two of a kind and ultimately will get whipped by women.  Tobias walking into a gay bar was pretty funny though.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Michael: (leaning back on the fake chair) “Maybe your old man is cooler than you thought he was.” (He leans too far and falls back)

As Lucille walks into Busters room she turns on the lights to discover Buster and Lucille under a blanket called a “fort.” Buster yells “Mom you’re ruining our fort!”

Gob: “Two chicks crawl into the box, we call one the head and one the legs.”

Kid at the party place: “So that’s how you they do it.”

Gob: “Ugh, I gotta stop giving these things away.”

Cab Driver: (with an English accent) “Where to mate?”

Tobias: “The Gothic Castle.”

Cab Driver: “The Gothic Arsehole?”

Tobias: “That’s what I said.”

Episode Rating: 4/5

Viewed at 11 P.M. at home

WOW!!! I loved this episode.  Lucille Bluth shows us the true depths of her manipulation skills.  We see some relationships shift in this episode.  For one, Lindsay finally goes to visit her father, despite her fear that she would get ravaged by horny inmates looking for a fresh piece of meat.  Instead she’s surprised to notice that they aren’t paying attention to her no matter how provocative she’s dressed.  We later find out that George Sr. has been bribing the inmates so that they don’t turn into savages while she’s visiting.  The funny thing about this is that she wants to tell dad that she doesn’t want to be the beautiful one in the family but wants to be known for other qualities she possesses (I don’t think shed look good being seen like her mother).  In that case she should be glad that they don’t see her for a piece of meat.  If I were her I’d just give up and embrace her outer beauty.

Buster on the other hand seems to be fluctuating in his relationship with Lucille Austero.  On the one hand he feels like he wants to be with her (he kisses her out of impulse), but when he sees his mother, he hides (upon seeing her on the balcony, he runs and jumps through a glass door to evade her).  Damn, she really did do a number on this poor guy.  I hope my kids never turn out as messed up as Buster.

Michael on the other hand gets close to his mother (and almost becomes like Buster).  It’s obvious that her kids hate her (they didn’t attend either of the two surprise birthday parties for her birthday).  On the way home from the second party, Michael lets her drive (big mistake).  She mistakes a man on a Segway for Gob and tries to run him over, only to crash.  While Michael is unconscious she quickly puts him in the driver’s seat so he takes the blame (if she gets one more point on her license things won’t be pretty).

I personally felt bad for Michael because he ends up spending a few days under his mothers care with his short term memory gone.  He of all the other in the family didn’t deserve this.  Maybe if it was Gob or maybe even Tobias I would feel less bad about it.   Every time he tries to remember something his mother hit him on the back of his head “by accident.” I guess it was fun to be in Buster’s seat for a day, especially since he was pumped with enough children’s aspirin to not feel the knocks on his head.

The crowning moment of the episode however was Gob.  Yes, Gob finally did something useful and didn’t fail at it.  Gob was able to piece the whole mystery together out of suspicion and came to Michael’s aid to reveal the truth (especially with the info Lindsay provided him about those “protein bars” Lucille was carrying to GBS).  That and Michael called him telling him he is sorry for trying ot run him over (which Gob thought was weird coming from Michael).  That moment was just WOW (I guess I can’t call Gob a complete dumbass now)!!  They finally managed to get it through her thick skull that the reason everyone hates her is because, she is an angry vengeful and manipulative woman.

Another aspect of this episode that I thought was neat was the scene where Michael and Lucille crash.  As mentioned in a previous blog, the camera work in the show is specifically made the way it is to create a documentary or reality show like atmosphere.  I think that technique was shown the best here so far, as when they crashed the camera went into the noisy scrambled screen, as if the cameraman and camera were also involved in the crash.  The camera then wobbles a little bit and zooms shakily towards the scene of the accident.  This I thought was pretty cool and really made the episode stand out from a filming point of view.

I am giving this episode the following score because, Gob proved to be useful, Lucille Bluth finally got it from the rest of the family about her nature and Michael got to be in Buster’s shoes for a day (or two).  Also my expectations for a love triangle have begun to bloom.  Michael made his first attempt to get Gob away from Marta (who he has been stalking).  When told he can’t live in the family yacht anymore, Gob suggested in a disgusted tone that he doesn’t want to move in with Marta.  Michael then suggested that he leave her and let her be with someone more deserving (go Michael).  I guess widows are making a comeback now, since both Michael and Lucille Austero are to be trying to move past their individual family loss and rediscover love.

I notice there s a move from funny quotes to funny scenes so I will be implementing both in this segment of the blog, and so without further adieu, I present my choices for this episodes funny quotes (and scenes):

(Second surprise party) Michael opens up the back room and yells “SURPRISE!!” (They find the male and female cleaners making out on the table).

Buster to Lucille Austero: “You know my panic attacks have decreased.  I feel confident, I’m feeling proud even.  I mean, for the first time in my life…” (After seeing his mother across the balcony runs into a glass door).

Gob to his mother: “… I was half way to South America, but I couldn’t let you get away with it, because we’re brothers mom (with his arm around Michael); and we kinda like each other.”

Episode Rating: 5/5

viewed at 9 A.M. at a friend’s house with a friend

One name describes who this episode is centered around; Lucille Bluth.  We meet another incompetent character in this episode; The Bluth Lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn.  With someone like that as your lawyer, you can’t help but feel sorry for this family and their predicament. He offers them to let their father free for $20,000, and sneaks in that it’s for one day (this day happens to be the art pageant).  This art pageant is when families are put in famous paintings as the characters (the Bluths always get Michelangelo’s the creation of Adam).  George Bluth Sr. is usually god, while Buster plays Adam (which he doesn’t want to do).  Apparently Buster has gone forth with dating Lucille Austero and doesn’t want his mom to find out about it (they eventually go to the pageant and buster is caught with her by his mother).

This time though, George Michael plays Adam which allows him to wear a muscle suite to impress Maeby (that plan fails).  Upon seeing how the picture is supposed to look, GM discovers that his sexual organs will be on display or better yet a prop of it.  He feels embarrassed about it, but after a talk with Tobias (who is a never nude) GM decides to wear denim short shorts which apparently pisses off a lot of people.  Now Tobias’s case is weird because I have never heard of someone who is a never nude (up until this revelation everybody thought Tobias just liked wearing them; another hint at his potential sexual preference).

Now back to Lucille, she sees that Michael and Lindsay are becoming friendly and sees this as a rise to everybody hating her, so she turns to her manipulative ways and presents false information between the two to turn them against each other.  This ends up failing because they both see what is going on here.  Originally Michael was going to lend Lindsay the money to pay off the credit card debt, but they decide to use it to free dad for the following reason.  Michael, being the only rational one in the family sees Barry as incompetent and just out to make a quick buck for doing nothing (aren’t all lawyers?). On top of that, they both want ot teach their mother a lesson.  His goal is to hire Wayne Jarvis who is Barry’s rival (wow more rivals in this show, just what we need).

Wayne won a case against Barry where Barry called his gay employee a homo.  (Barry mentions something about homo’s in the beginning which he realizes was wrong to say).  It’s actually a bit interesting because, the actress who plays Lindsay; Portia de Rossi is actually a lesbian in real life.  The parallel drawn there is that Portia would probably feel for the man Barry was sued by and stand by him (her character being someone about rights would protest Barry as well and actually agrees with Michael’s opinion of Barry).  This will be accomplished by letting dad see Lucille Bluth with Barry (who they assume is “admiring” Lucille).  As usual, their plan for revenge fails  because not only is Lucille there with Wayne, but their father tries to run away (that plan fails too).

Gob actually accomplished something for once in this series.  He has proven that you can go lower than dumb.  After getting drunk with Lindsay, Michael admits that he has fallen for Gob’s girlfriend Marta.  During the episode, he is caught by Gob listening to a business training tape to speak in Spanish and tickets to Portugal (which were fakes printed by Maeby to see how her parents would respond to her leaving).  I guess he still can’t put 2 and 2 together to figure out that Michael is out for Marta.  This suits me fine, as I think Gob doesn’t deserve her in the first place.  I seriously don’t see what she sees in Gob and it kind of bothers me, because she’s not some stupid woman; she is smart and knows he’s an ass.  I guess it’s true that nice guys finish last.

I watched this episode with a friend the other day.  She had no idea what was going on but thought it was a funny episode.  She said that her favorite part was Tobias coming out of one of those tryout stalls with the underwear on top of his short shorts.  He was asking the woman who works there how well they hide his “thunder,” which I thought was funny and typical of Tobias.  I on the other hand though the chase at the end between GBS, Michael and Gob was funnier to me because, Michael is running after his father to stop him from escaping while Gob is chasing Michael on his Segway (he thinks Michael is packing his bags to leave south of the border and abandoning the family).  Just the sight of GBS running in his god costume was funny, especially with his beard about to fall off.  After he hears that their mom is here on a date with someone he runs back only to get tazed by the cop watching him.  Also a bit hard to notice, but the episode was around Christmas (within the show’s time) and yet the house cleaner, Lupe was wearing “BOO!” shirt.  I guess she didn’t realize what holiday it was.  All in all, this episode had the makings of a good episode like most of them.  It had deception, failure and made it all look funny.  I just hope they get rid of Barry soon because, I have a feeling he’s going to do them more damage than help.

Funny Quotes:

Tobias: “I would be happy to Adam uh, I prefer a speaking part-“

Lindsay (interrupting Tobias): “Please don’t speak for the rest of the meeting.”

Tobias: “Excuse me; do these effectively hide my thunder?”

Gob: “New attorney and he’s learning Spanish?  He’s hiding something; and I intend to find out what it is.”

Lucille: “Do yourself a favor.  Get him drunk.”

Random lady (asking about GBS missing): “Where is god?”

Another random lady: “There is no god!”

Episode Rating: 5/5