What was the most surprising element/part of this piece?
The most surprising part of the piece was towards the end when I found out that he was actually representing the Nazi side in court.  I did not expect that, with him being raised in a Jewish home.  I guess with his father always keeping quiet, it had a bad impact on him and perhaps his father should have spoken up a bit.
Would you take the case as Mr. Garbus did?
I would not take the case simply, because it is my belief that while free speech is free it is the responsibility of each individual to watch and think about what they are saying and where they are saying it.  The case of the neo-Nazi group just like the boy with the anti gay shirt, are good examples of when to keep your opinions to yourself.  Also I would have felt bad receiving letter from people like he did saying that he is the reason why Jews died.
Should the Nazis be allowed to march?
I guess they should be because they are allowed to say or demonstrate just like those of the opposite view.  This free speech issue is like a double-edged sword where everybody is caught off guard that there is a second side to it.  It is my belief however that the march was simply to rile up the Jewish community and they succeeded.  If you don’t like something don’t do it or participate in it.  It also brings back to memory a quote I once heard.  “If you want piece, prepare for war.”  I think this quote is very similar in its interpretation to the free speech issue because they are both saying if you want one thing then don’t be so shocked when something opposite of your intention occurs.
Can you relate any of this to a modern debate?
The debate on net neutrality can be compared to what was shown in this portion of the documentary.  Some believe that net neutrality should be kept out of the governments hands while others believe that the government needs to set them straight.  Since government involvement would mean regulations, and spying on users, many people think that the providers should be left to regulate the internet as they have been.