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Well here is the last episode of the season.  I kind of felt sad going into this episode, because I felt like I was bonding with the family.  The last episode marks the finale of this season and finally answers some long running questions.  In Lindsay’s case, I felt bad for her because she finally realized how oblivious Tobias is.  His latest foray with his book being popular with the gay community did not strike him as it would a normal person who is in touch with reality.  I personally would’ve slapped Tobias across the face, because this whole season he has done such stupid things out of obliviousness and not wanting to face reality.  I think (to use the technique he used to kill White Power Bill) that he hates himself and creates this barrier around his life to justify falsely any path he takes.

Also what surprised me was how jealous of George Michael, Maeby was.  George got a girlfriend and started spending more time with her than he was with Maeby.  Her act of kissing Annyong to get George jealous shows that perhaps she too has feelings for him.  I guess all this time she spent with him has made her fond of her cousin in a more intimate way.  I guess this is what happens when you are born into a screwed up family such as the Bluths.  Speaking of screwed up, George Bluth Sr. was the biggest screw up here.

I thought he was messed up from the beginning, but him faking a heart attack and escaping was very cowardly in my opinion.  Some highlights and funny moments were when there would be a scene such as when Kitty told Michael his father promised her the company followed by a scene not found white screen.  These appear a few more times and it was funny to see them because they were placed in such perfect moments and weren’t overused.  Michael also finds out why his father is in prison in the first place (houses built for Sadam).

On a final note, Gob shows just how retarded he is.  He mistakes Lindsay’s business proposition for bees instead of beads and says he will go and start a bee business.  Well if anyone had doubts about Gob being smart, they can be put to rest now, because it’s obvious that he has no brain what so ever.  It was entertaining when he got tackled in jail for showing a jar of bees.  The episode revealed most of the question asked and did a very good job with playing the role of the last episode of the season.  Unfortunately I would’ve liked for Lindsay to tell Tobias to take a hike.  I also would’ve liked for Tobias to finally admit he is gay, but as Michael mentioned in this episode “Well I want a Hamburger and fries, but can’t have the bun and the potatoes, get real.”  This last reference is to the Atkins diet that everybody seems to be on; which was humorous, because the Atkins diet was getting popular around this time.  Sadly it failed just like it does in the end of the episode, where everyone is eating bread.

Funny quotes and scenes

All the clip missing scenes in the episode

Lindsay’s business of printing pictures of how children will look when they get old.

Gob: “nothing works in this house.”

Michael: “Tell me about it.”

Buster attacking Annyong for the cream cheese bagel.

Tobias: “I was walking in a strange place today, a place I’d never set foot in before.”

Narrator: “Tobias walking down a street he’d been down many times…” (It’s a gay neighborhood).

Episode Rating: 4.8/5