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Ah, the good old take your daughter to work day.  Michael should be glad that Maeby is the way she is.  While the episode focuses on many members of the family, I found the more interesting characters to be Buster, Uncle Oscar and Annyong.

Now in the previous episode we found out that George Sr. has a brother named Oscar.  He shows up in this episode to go to the soccer game with Lucille so nobody thinks she’s single.  Now during the soccer scene Buster goes into the trailer to ask Oscar to leave (as per George’s request).  It was so funny how Oscar greeted him, because Buster greets the same way, in fact they both looked like a dog chasing its own tail.  Their chemistry is so frighteningly identical that I really do think they are father and son.  The scene where Buster scores a goal was nice too because Oscar waved good job and goodbye to him before leaving.  I really think Buster should go and spend time with Oscar to get to know him.  The reason I say this is because of his power struggle with his brother-in-law Annyong.

Now we all know how unforgiving and cruel Lucille can be at times.  In the last episode she said that Buster can’t live by himself because he needs her.  This may be true, but if his relationship with Lucille 2 says anything about him, it’s that Buster can manage his life (to some small extent).  At this point, she is too involved with her new son to even care for Buster and she shows her colors very publically.  I feel bad for Buster though, because when he was flying away, his mother tried to sabotage everything, but now that she has a new son, she just turns her back on Buster.  Hopefully Anyong will be forced to leave, so that the family could resume its connection.

I really liked this episode.  It showed Buster with more confidence since he lost Lucille 2.  Also seeing Tobias in his psychology days with hair was kind of funny as well.  Maeby’s cleverness in finding Kitty helped make the episode fun too and showed that the power of a teen should not be underestimated.  For an episode this far in the season, I think it was great.  It had funny, triumphant moments.  On a last note, It was humorous that Gob not only failed in his debut of girls with low self-esteem but got caught shoplifting by a teen girl.  This was also the first time the music in the episode stood out to me.  I think the scene with Buster and Oscar as well as Buster’s soccer scene provided a good feel for what was going on.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Tobias: “Douche chiiiiills”

The scenes where Oscar sticks his face in Lucille’s chest and gives Buster a back rub (the music in the scene makes it even funnier, because it is the kind of music that would normally be played in a romantic scene).

Gob gets busted by a teen girl whose father is the security of the mall.

Michael: “Hello, oh hey George Michael.  Ugh, I’m sorry, in your pants?  I’ll be right there.”

Buster’s rage scene on the soccer field (the fast paced punk/ ska music provided a good atmosphere for his act).

Annyong: “heads up fatty!!!!” he then jumps from atop onto Buster as revenge.

Episode Rating: 5/5