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Well this episode is a shocker.  The family gets some money unfrozen, and everybody runs to Michael like rats to cheese.  The episode had a little influence from the Iraq war (Lindsay’s hair stylist is drafted and she goes to protest) and ties in nicely with why the government is after the Bluth company (the deals with Saddam Hussein).  Since we are on the topic of Lindsay, She takes a dramatic turn in her life in this episode.  With no chance of getting money and her relationship with her husband dropping by the minute, Lindsay needs something to get her self-esteem back up.

I feel bad for her only because a beautiful lady such as herself could do better than her husband.  Her attitude and personality however makes me think that she deserves what she gets.  It’s funny because both of them try to make each other feel better in this episode, but as usual they end up failing.  Lindsay however finds a worthy cause to finally protest.  It seems that her hair stylist is being sent to war, and knowing his alternative sucks, decides to protest the war.  I found this scene to be a shock initially but not after a bit of thought.  I think Lindsay wants to be a cage dancer to make Tobias angry.  Perhaps he would then see how she feels about him wanting to be an actor.  Unfortunately she is a lot better at what she wants to do than Tobias is at what he wants.

Also in this episode is the debut of “POPOP WITH HAIR;” no it’s just Oscar (George’s twin brother). I am convinced that at some point in their marriage, Lucille had an affair with Oscar, because he is creepy, depends on others for support and acts just like Buster.  I am convinced that Oscar is Busters father, because they are just so alike it’s not even funny.  I think that is the reason why Buster is not in this episode; too much creepy characters for one episode.  This kind of makes the tension of the season go higher a bit, because there were enough dramas to deal with, but now we have yet another suspicion and unanswered question so close to the end of the season.

There was so much in the episode that it would make the blog too long, but let’s just say the big moment for me was when Michael confronts his mother at the end with his problem.  Now I have viewed Michael as a very mature, professional (somewhat) and responsible person.  He always tries to care for his family and help them out.  If him staying and taking over the company isn’t a sign of all that, I don’t know what is.  But here Michael makes a mistake and doesn’t know where to go from there.

It is at this point that he and his mother bond for real (the episode with the car crash doesn’t count).  She hugs him and tells him she will take care of everything.  I just found this to be a sign that Lucille isn’t as cold-hearted greedy and manipulative as we are lead to believe.  In fact, she may actually have a kind heart after all (even if it’s very small).  I think this touching moment made the episode so good.  It showed that Michael is not as strong as he thinks and is a human being after all.  I too act like that sometimes.  Thinking of others ahead of my own needs and blaming myself in a similar fashion that Michael does, so this is yet another episode that I feel I bonded with on a personal level.  That is why I really enjoyed this episode and found it to be really memorable.  Also there was a slight clue that Lindsay is not a real family member, as Lucille drives past her cage dancing and says “there’s a girl who could’ve used a real mother… WHORE!!”   More plot twists towards the end of the season; just what we need.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Lindsay turns on the song they listened to when the first started dating, and climbs on top of Tobias’ bed saying “I just feel like using my body.”

Tobias pointing to his book says “Lindsay can you use it over there, I’m trying to grow (implying mental growth).”

Lindsay gets off and says “ye its clear that’s not gonna happen (implying growth somewhere else).”

Tobias: “… I’ve always wanted to remake Anny Hall, except I wouldn’t wanna get in bed with a green producer like Sophia Copola though.  Oh but give me an old pro like a Robert Redford, oh I’d jump into bed with him in a second.  And I wouldn’t just lie there…”

Oscar saying hello in a Buster fashion.  Oscar then says “I need money; Oh I cannot tell you how that has weighed on me (fart).”

Michael: moves over to the next seat.  Shortly after Oscar says “… a love that was taken away from me (fart).”

Michael: “I hope that was the espresso machine.”

Episode Rating: 5/5