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Ok, this episode was really funny and a lot better than the previous one.  I will stick to the relationship Gob has with Michael and their father respectively.  Now Gob is a dimwit as is evident by his actions throughout the season.  Here however, it is revealed to be so as a result of his father.  I talked a bit about his relationship with his father in a previous blog, but here it becomes evident that he is so desperate to get his father’s attention that he will ignore his brother Michael.  An example is when Michael told Gob his marriage was a bad idea.  Gob knocked it off but agreed with the decision when his father said the same thing. Any respect I had for Gob after he rescued his brother from their mother is almost lost now.

Michael on the other hand is on to his father.  He knows how manipulative their father can get to accomplish what he wants.  Turns out the bachelor party was just to frame Ira Gilligan (their accountant) so he doesn’t testify against them.  This plan fails of course but for the reason that Buster drinks all the fake blood and becomes hyper and thus ruining the surprise stripper in the cake.  Now I find this to be weird, because from the past episodes it is obvious that Michael cares more for Gob than their father does about him.

In fact I think Gob is a laughing-stock of the family with all of his failures and cheap attempts to get out of situations.  He is also unfortunately not the brightest of the bunch, as he ruins the plot of the scheme but prematurely blaming Ira for killing the stripper.  I was glad to see towards the end that.  The two brothers united to get their dad out of their life.  It took a lot out of Gob to turn the T.V. off.  One other thing that I find weak about Gob is how easy it is to manipulate him or get him to think one way or another.  We see this as soon as his wife comes in telling him she fell in love with his brother-in-law.  Unfortunately he stopped at brother and punched Michael before she could finish the sentence.  He needs to really get his act together, but then again he can’t really be blamed for his actions.  His insecurity with his relationships is partly to blame on his brother, after going after his previous girlfriend Marta.

I really thought this episode was a good one.  It returned to that comedic failure the show is known for where all the plans get screwed up and never work out the way they were supposed to.  That and Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution was ridiculous.  Obviously Gilligan’s name was a take on the famous show Gilligan’s island.  We see that his name is screamed out just like the skipper does in the show, and Ira is even dressed as Gilligan at the end.  Ironically the woman he is with happens to be the narcoleptic stripper they try to frame him with killing.  Also Tobias’ jacket and then going naked in Michael’s office go further and further in a suggestion that he is gay.  I have a feeling for some reason that towards the end of the season he will not come out but perhaps by the end of the series itself this might be revealed.

Funny quotes and scenes:

The scene where Maeby talks about her parents and her and a graph shows up showing how much alone time she gets when they are together and apart.

The scene where George Bluth takes a friend to a cake where a narcoleptic stripper falls out still asleep.

Tobias: “… this family is not about using; we are pushers not takers.”  Lindsay then takes a pill and Tobias says “… Lindsay spit it out, that’s not real happiness.”

Lindsay: “well it’s better than what we’ve got now.”

Gob: “Why do I have to bring him?”

Lucille: “Because he is your brother and I am not gonna leave him home alone with all this J.U.I.C.E. around here.”

Buster: “I can spell mom, you spelled juice.”

Lucille: “Oh you’re so brilliant; let’s see you find it…”

The scene Where Buster drinks all the corn syrup and runs around looking for his next fix.

Episode Rating: 5/5