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Ironically as I am writing the blog of this episode it is spring break and I am sick, which is funny because, the episode is about spring break.  I have to say though; I would take a sick day over being in the shoes of the Bluth family any day.  Well Gob is his usual self in this episode with his tricks failing.  It’s weird though because most of his tricks have worked in the previous episodes.  I guess his detachment from the magician’s society has affected his performance.  His big magic act however, did work when he sinks the family yacht.

Lindsay is being her typical self here as well, trying to get money; this time from her Nana.  Unfortunately she and Maeby confuse an old woman for their Nana and figure it out a bit too late in their visit.  I personally find Maeby to be a lot better of a schemer than her mom.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the benefits she puts on are nice but they are very typical and in a way cliché.  Maeby however is better than her, especially when she poses as the dying girl and gets all the money for it.  Now since we are on the topic of these two, I feel I should mention Tobias to as he demonstrates how the mind can be conquered.

Tobias is still in jail learning how to be the frightened inmate #2.  Last time he was sold to White Power Bill by his father in law.  This turns out to be in the prisons benefit as, Tobias’ psychologist comes out and makes Bill kill himself.  Now, this was a very crucial scene for me for a few reasons.  First off, Tobias is still a competent man in his past profession.  Yes, he did kill the man, but he did what a psychologist does, and that is use the power of words and comforting to get people to realize something about themselves.

The killing part was purely a coincidence and was not really anticipated.  The other thing is that somehow he becomes the leader of the prison.  He is referred to as Dorothy who killed the wicked witch.  Now I don’t know if this is true or not, but Little Justice calls himself “friend of Dorothy,” which in some circles refers to homosexual preferences.  While the gay jokes aren’t aimed at Tobias as usually, they do play on the prison stereotype of inmates turning gay.  I’m still shocked at how he becomes the big boss there, but I guess its how most movies and shows of this type play out.  It’s always the little guy with the brains that becomes the leader and overthrows the giant oppressor.  In any case, I think Tobias would definitely live a better life as a prison psychologist.  I may bite my words should this come true, but I think he has the power to make a lot of the inmates realize what they are doing and perhaps change their colors (in a non-homosexual way).

Overall this episode was not that entertaining as I would’ve liked.  Some reviews online made good points about how the episode was good, but I would have to disagree with them.  The only other thing I can think of in terms of remotely interesting, was the fact that there was a lot of nipple flashing action in here (mostly from Kitty and Gob).  Kitty was horrific though, as her nipples resembled a cross-eyed man (which is not a pleasant sight).  Also we see more hints at Bluth Sir’s involvement with Sadam as the boxes in the yacht have Maddas H. written on them.  Overall, I think this episode was missing something that the other episodes had in the forms of memorable moments and humor.

Maybe it’s the fact that I am sick and couldn’t enjoy the episode, but I feel that it could’ve done more or should had been incorporated into other episodes.  Gob’s magic failures were kind of sad to watch here, as I think his previous attempts were much better.  The only good and entertaining part was when Lucille puts all of Nana’s money in a trust fund for Annyong until he turns 18, not realizing that he already is (Lupe realizes this in the end).  I had a little snicker at this lying and manipulative woman’s failure to get her kids this time.  Also I couldn’t help but feel confused at the fact that Annyong is adopted and is 18.  I have a feeling this will play itself out somehow in the future episodes or seasons.  If there was one other humorous aspect I found to this episode, it was the shooting of the Girls with Low Self-Esteem videos which is a humorous jab at the Girls Gone Wild video.  It would explain why Kitty was on it, seeing as how nobody likes her except George Bluth (even he grows somewhat unsatisfied with her saying that she feels like a little boy).

Funny quotes and scenes:

The scene where Kitty flashes the GWLSE camera only to have the camera moved away from her.

Kitty coming back to work with cross-eyed nipples (this was more gross than funny but still somewhat humorous).

Episode Rating: 3/5