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Well I guess we can add another character to the list if alter egos; Maggie’s watch dog Justice.  Seems that Justice is not a watch dog after all and apparently Maggie’s been the one leading him this whole time.  A signal that this is part 2 of a two-part episode is the fact that once again the scenes in the “on the next Arrested Development” are shown in the next episode.  The name of the episode is a humorous ode to the phrase “justice is blind,” meaning that in the court of law sometimes the guilty are not guilty and vice versa.  Here we also see a conflicting relationship between Buster and his recent brother Annyong.

Now Buster was starting to look like a man in the middle of the season when he was going out with Lucille Austero and trying to leave his mother.  Now that their relationship is ruined (no thanks to his mother’s manipulative nature), Buster is portrayed as a squabbling baby who is trying to get his mother back.  Only now she has Annyong who seems more competent.  In fact, we see this in this very episode when Annyong apparently knows more about the case than Buster.  He even hits a sore topic when he mentions as soon as George Bluth Sr. comes back, buster will be gone.  Now we find out that not only is Buster having a conflict with his new brother, but also that he hates his dad.  This will cause Buster to fall to the dark side and go to the prosecution in hopes that his dad stays in prison.

Now back to Maggie and Michael’s relationship.  Now that Michael tells her who he really is, their sexual relationship reaches a new high.  Their relationship is in a way forbidden, because they are both on opposing sides and if caught can be facing some serious repercussions.  I actually feel glad for Michael for two reasons.  First off, he is finally starting to show some backbone by sleeping with the enemy.  For the second reason, as weird as it may sound, I think he and Maggie make a good couple.  In a way, I wish that they stayed together, because they look happy together, and after losing a wife and waiting long enough, I think he is ready to move back into the couple realm.  I also think that if he had her as his attorney, he would win more unlike the useless Zuckerkorn.  I don’t even know how that guy got to become a lawyer because he is so useless and unprofessional.

Gob actually proved useful here too (which is a rare sight) with his illusions.  If he was someone in another lifetime it would’ve been a thief or pickpocket, because that’s how he was in this episode.  Gob also took on a characteristic closer to his mother and father.  He successfully manipulated Tobias to do what he wanted.  Now I will admit that the task wasn’t so hard, but the fact that he did that shows him warming up to his parents and trying to impress him.  His acquisition of the files was also something that seemed to please his father.  Maybe in the following episodes he will finally get some recognition from his father.

The episode was pretty good.  It wasn’t a laugh riot like some of the others were, but still had its moments.  The biggest factor of this episode however, was that it showed a lot of progression and stepping outside of a comfort zone for some of the characters.  It essentially made me laugh and think, which is always a good combination.  Also, the scene where Tobias sneaks into Maggie’s house and she plays around with him was funny, especially in the end of the chase when she’s about to hit him only to be sprayed in the eyes by perfume.

Funny quotes and scenes:

(After revealing how GM got his cast) Tobias: “Ah the clumsy adolescence.  A phase we’ve all been through; except for me.  I was like a cat; I always ended up on all fours.”

Maggie: “Do you know anything about your father’s trips to overseas?”

Buster: “I know I had a fun time at home, alone with mom.”

Maggie: “… did you ever see him return from these trips with anything unusual?”

Buster: “He came home once with a black statue with an erect penis.”

The scenes where Tobias is trying to evade Maggie in her house.

The scene at the end where Maggie calls for her dog Justice, who runs into the courtrooms door.

The scene where Michael chucks the bible at Maggie only to have her get hit by it (this is probably the only time where she was legitimately blind).

Episode Rating: 5/5