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Usually I save my opinion of the show for last, but I just have to say for this one that it was mediocre.  It had its moments, but for some reason it just seemed not that good compared to the other episodes.  I guess the big reason why I didn’t like it was that the last episode built up so much and yet this episode felt more like a gun turret just shot an airplane down.  Also the episode felt predictable, but don’t get me wrong; every episode feels predictable.  It’s just that those were funny predictable and this is sad predictable.  I found that a lot of people gave this episode a good rating on IMDB.  Most said it was interesting to see how the 14th episode unveils more of what happened in the last episode and how   One interesting thing about this episode was that the name is taken from George Bush’s strike on Iraq called Shock and Awe.  Now this episode does not reference any post 9/11 relations, but it still plays a similar role.

I think after 9/11 the media shifted to more movies and shows that showed Americans beating the crap out of terrorists while others would deal with people recovering from 9/11.  Some shows even went up in action and went over the top with the level of violence.  Movies like Iron Man and Team America are further evidence of this.  This episode however refers to a different terrorist in many people’s eyes.  Saddam Hussein is the man in question.  It was hinted in a previous episode that George Bluth Sr. committed some “light treason” and this treason is connected to his housing development in Iraq. This is shown throughout the episode, where Michael thinks the pictures of Hussein look exactly like some of the house features in their model home.  Hmm… coincidence? I think not.  Also a woman played by a man named Nazhgalia is Middle Eastern.  I think her ugliness was a metaphor for the feelings America as a country had towards people of Middle Eastern descent, but that could just be me.

Anyway, it seems that George Michael is finally over Maeby.  His next target however is his ethics teacher who coincidentally loves Saddam and sleeps with Michael.  I got to hand it to him; he sure knows how to rebound from one crush to another.  At least this one is not as creepy feeling as the last.  In fact I think he has good taste because I too would go out with her.  I felt bad for him in the scene where Lindsay talks to him about it.  This is one thing that I love about this family, one person talks about one thing and the other about something else.  Case in point is that scene.  Lindsay thought GM wanted her as a mother and approached him sad that he doesn’t think of her as his mom in a way.  GM thought she was trying to win his love.  Same concept twisted differently, which almost sounds like selective perception.

Also it seems like Michael and Gob’s rivalry is back.  I thought Gob forgave him for going with Marta but it seems like he didn’t, because every time he sees a woman who Michael likes he sleeps with her… or not.  Gob set up Michael on a blind date with Nazhgalia to get back at him, but when he mistakes Michael for being interested in her, he flirts and sleeps with her.  He attempts to sleep with the ethics teacher only to go after the older civics teacher.  The funny part is when he thought he got rid of them; they ended up calling him which blew up his suave appearance.  Gob never ceases to amaze me and is probably the saving grace in this episode, because his stupidity and quick action behavior get him into so much trouble; most of which he later regrets.  He hasn’t developed much since the beginning but at least has warmed up to his brother a few times.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like the women in GM’s life hint at his chances of getting with them.  Maeby is at this point a maybe because they might get together (assuming she doesn’t find out she’s not related to him).  Ms. Baerly is; barely so their names speak of the chances he has with them.  I found that kind of interesting and don’t know if anybody else picked up on that.  In any case we find ourselves in the portion called:

Funny quotes and scenes:

(The beginning where Buster shares a bed with Michael)

Narrator: “Michael was sharing his bed for the first time in years.  Unfortunately it was with his younger brother Buster.”

(Buster humps Michael in his sleep)

Michael: “I don’t think us sleeping together is working out.”

Lindsay: “Although, I will say I’m a little hurt you haven’t considered me (thinking of her role as a mother).”

GM: “You’re my aunt.”

Lindsay: “That doesn’t matter, Aunts can fill that role; teachers can fill that role; and someday you’re gonna find the right woman to fill that role.”

Ms. Baerly: “Are you making dinner reservations?”

Michael: “No no, that was my mom; she just got a little Korean dropped off (referring to the boy his mom adopted).”

Ms. Baerly: “Ooo that sounds good let’s have that.”

GM: “But why would he do that? Why would uncle Gob sleep with my ethics teacher?”

Michael: “It was just to get even with me.”

GM: “How would that be getting even with you? I’m the one that likes her.”

Michael: “… you and I know that, but Gob didn’t know that; he’s not just that exact of a target shooter.  He just kinda sprays it everywhere.”

The scenes where Gob thought his one night stands were one night stands until they call him and he picks up.

Episode Rating: 3/5