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There was definitely a lot of beef in this episode, and it seemed like everything was finally coming together in the Bluth family.  This episode almost felt like it was the last one in this season (more on this later).  Apparently Buster is the only one in the family who is culturally enlightened, as he knew who hermano was (or more importantly what it translated to).  Gob knew that his relationship with Marta was going to end, be he still wanted to find out who this hermano is (Buster told him there’s a guy who plays hermano in the show).  Now there was one thing that Gob did in the episode that made me feel like my brain cells were dying.

His sheer stupidity knows no bounds.  First he gets his lights knocked out by the man who played hermano.  Then on top of that he keeps saying brother in many different languages aside from Spanish (he admits after one that he took Spanish for a few years).  Now I can relate because I took Spanish for a few years too and yet don’t know how to speak the language.  But with that said, at least I still remember some words such as hermano.  This is what strikes me about Gob.  You’d think that he would speak a little bit of Spanish seeing as how his girlfriend is Spanish.  The man is a loser and as my high school journalism teacher once said “you can’t fix stupid.”  I fully believe that Gob was dropped as a child or when he was born, because there is really no other way to explain his stupidity.  He did have his moments (such as when he rescued Michael from their mother) but they are few and far in between to justify him as a good person.  That and he cheats a lot which I think is messed up (especially when you have a hot girlfriend such as Marta).

Now there is a first in this episode which was actually a surprise.  Normally at the end of every (or most) of the episodes, there is a short of what to expect from the next episode.  The witty part about it is that it doesn’t really happen in the next episode.  It’s used more as a way to tie in and finalize the scenes that occurred in the episode.  For this one however, the segment from last episode really did say what will happen in this one.  In fact, this episode was more of a continuation of the last episode.  I found that bit to be significant and it all leads to why everything was done in this episode the way it was.

Another resolution was Tobias.  Unfortunately he did not admit he was gay, but he finally got over his never-nude affliction.  Now the “on the next episode segment” it mentions that Tobias’ role requires a naked shower scene which he is afraid of.  Lindsay finally shows her supportive wife side and helps him deal with it.  I found this to be a happy scene because Lindsay seems like she finally understands her husband and his dreams.  Either that or she just gave up on convincing him that he’s not a good actor.  For Tobias however it proved to be evidence that he is not a closet homosexual like everyone believed.  He and his wife undressed one by one until both of them were naked.  After Tobias finally undressed fully and asked what’s next, Lindsay came up to him and they led into a sex scene.  It looks like Tobias was the big star of the show for this episode and I was glad for him.  Not only did he get laid finally or for the first time with Lindsay (it was suggested that they never did the dirty deed), but he also gained something very important.  That thing is confidence, which I feel he has always lacked; especially after he got his license revoked.  I have a feeling now he will have an even more positive outlook on his life and be able to approach things head on more.

The love square between the brothers Bluth and Marta finally came to an end here as well.  Gob finally found out that Michael was the brother she wanted and Gob surprisingly let him have her with a happy face.  I found this to be peculiar of him, because a few moments before, he was ready to kill this “hermano” guy, but I guess the fact that it was his brother made him change his mind (he even admitted that Michael was better for her than he was).  Buster too tried to get to her but was unsuccessful with his mariachi band.  The funny thing is that she doesn’t even know who Buster is, so it makes this situation awkward to have him in, especially when this conflict is mainly between Gob and Michael.  In the end what seemed like a happy ending for Michael turns into a nightmare yet again.

Michael in this case was supposed to be the rational guy who is on time and did everything to help the family.  The time he decides to indulge in Marta seems like a wrong time in the wrong place situation, because, at the same time, he was supposed to be at the jury hearing to release their father.  Upon hearing that Michael isn’t there because of Marta, Gob gets fired up and fights with Michael when he enters the courtroom.  Now here is the funny part.  The three brothers are outside fighting (Buster is just there to get punched as he requests).  Michael told Marta the hearing will take 10 minutes, but it takes longer and her impatience leads her to find the three fighting.  She then leaves both of them seeing as how they both don’t love each other as family should.  I kind of saw this happening sometime soon, as it was building up to a moment of this magnitude.  Buster too reaches a finale here.  His struggle of independence from his mother is coming to a fruition here.  He admits that he feels free and wants to do all the things he was never able to do like go adventuring and get laid.  His final wish is to get punched in the face, because he never had that feeling (he would curl up into a ball when provoked as a child).

On another final note, George Michael’s creepy quest for his cousin leads him to find out that she was a test tube baby (a hint as to whether Lindsay and Tobias ever had sex before).  Upon finding this out, he talks to Maeby about it but comes to a dilemma.  She tells him that as much as she hates this family she wouldn’t change it for the world.  Now he faces a choice to either tell her or not.  I admired GM here as he really demonstrated that he is his father’s son.  Sometimes it’s tough to admit that your affection for someone was never meant to be and for GM it was even tougher.  He knew that nobody would condone him going out with someone in the family (if he even did).  Also he did an admirable thing to put her before himself which most men would not do most of the time.  And so, I think that GM did the right thing and is a good person for that, because there are always more fish in the sea.

On a final note, you may be wondering why so many problems have been resolved, and as promised here is the reason why.  Apparently this was supposed to be the final episode of the first season.  This is why most of the struggles have been resolved here.  I really enjoyed this episode.  It had a good ending; everything finally seemed to fall into place only to end up failing once again.  I was especially surprised by gob’s reaction to finding out that Michael was the hermano they were looking for.  Now that it seems like all has come to some sort of conclusion I am excited to find out what will happen in the rest of the season.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Gob: “You’re a good guy frère; that means brother in French.  I don’t know why I know that, I took 4 years of Spanish.”

The scene where Michael is about to make love to Marta and turns on the stereo to hear his brother singing love is in the air (his bad singing was the funny part).

Gob: “It’s all because of you fratello; It’s Italian for brother.  Now all I gotta do is find this hermano and kill him.”

Episode Rating: 5/5