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Well it seems like this episode is back to my cup of tea.  Throw in some love squares (or rectangles, whatever floats your boat), some relationship problems and you got a recipe for a very entertaining episode (hopefully more after too).  Now you are probably saying “love square? I thought it was a triangle.” Well my dear friends; there is now a 4th person involved in the Marta complex, whose name shall be revealed later in this blog.

Michael proves the theory that you never truly get over the one that got away.  During the Valentine’s Day/ Tobias and Lindsay 14 yr anniversary party, Michael sits down with Marta and tells her he had someone in mind but he let her get away.  Towards the end however, when he makes a toast he says “… to love and happiness, I love you Marta.” When done with his toast.  Now if I was him, I’d confront Gob and tell him how he feels about Marta.  Gob will probably get angry but he has no reason to because he’s always cheating on her with another woman.  Technically they aren’t even together which is good for Michael.  I think he needs a wife figure in his life to help him and support him (doesn’t seem like anybody else does, except for George Michael).  It turns out however that this toast was short-lived, and Michael’s promise of everything getting better won’t live up to its expectation.

Lindsay tells Michael the next day that she wants a divorce or to bolt.  Now you can’t really blame her for her decision.  If you’ve been following my blogs or the season (or both), then you know that Tobias’ never nude problem, his closet homosexuality and the plain fact that he’s a horrible and clueless father/husband is enough to come to such a decision as Lindsay has.  I would bolt too if I were her, although I would’ve never gotten married to someone like him in the first place.

Also Tobias is finally seeing Carl Weathers for the con he is.  During the party, they were outside discussing acting and while Tobias was steering towards the topic, Carl wasn’t (he went on about making stew).  I think it’s been apparent that Carl Weathers is a con man and a douche, because after Tobias says that he wants his money back, Carl gives him that “why would you want to do that?” look.  It’s funny because I was about to peg Carl Weathers for a scumbag, but he actually helped Tobias out a bit when he landed him the role of frightened inmate #2.  I guess after that he isn’t that bad of a guy.  I’d still take my money back from him though because lessons o how to make stew and talking about discounts and drinks isn’t going to land Tobias his roles.

Buster on the other hand is finally starting to build up his independence to tell his mother that he wants to move out.  He too was inspired by Michael’s words the night before.  Unfortunately Lucille Bluth hooked the other Lucille up with Carl Weathers which is getting on Busters nerves.  I guess we can say another love triangle has been formed.  But Buster will not return to his mother.  I’m kind of happy for buster.  He is pulling away from his mother which is something that should’ve been done a long time ago.  On top of that, he finds love rekindled when he sees Marta at the Bluth house (thus the love square mentioned earlier).

I think the highlight of this episode however is when Gob gets a taste of his own medicine.  He finds out by listening on her phone calls, that she’s in love with hermano.  Now, any normal person who knows a word or two in Spanish would know she’s saying his brother, but they think this is an actual guy.  Michael who is the smartest would know this especially since he was taking audio Spanish lessons (for business but it still makes a difference).  He yet again screws up when he confronts Marta about cheating on his brother only to find out that it was him that she wanted.  I guess even Michael isn’t the exception to the stupidity in the family.

On a side note, this episode was a reference to the Martyr Complex, where the person “desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it feeds a psychological need.”  Three guesses who this refers to (my money is on Michael because he’s always sacrificing himself for others).  This episode was definitely entertaining and is one of my favorite episodes thus far.  It’s got that combination of fail, rivalry, and misunderstanding one another.  I guess one man’s misery is another man’s entertainment.  Even the whole chase to find out who Marta is cheating with was funny and all because they didn’t know one word.  Stupidity like that deserves a laugh or two.

Funny quotes and scenes:

The scene where George Michael goes to look at the heart shaped candies, and each one he picks up says no way or fat chance, until he finally gets the one that says maybe tonight (in terms of his feelings for Maeby).

The part where they pop in the video GBS sent called caged wisdom.  It was supposed to be a video congratulating Lindsay and Tobias but it was instead advertising his series on how to change one’s life with Judaism.

GM: “… why am I in trouble?”

Lindsay: “You’re not in trouble, we’re all just gonna have a normal arrangement.  I’m gonna sleep with my daughter and you’re gonna sleep with my husband.”

Michael: “Excuse me, I’m looking for hermano.”

Brother 1: “Oh mi hermano; ai (points to gay makeup artist).

Michael: “Hermano; are you hermano?”

Brother 2: “Mi hermano? Esai.” (as Michael walks away the second brother looks at his butt)

Michael: “… Tell me everything you know about hermano… does your mom love hermano?”

Marta’s oldest son: “Si mi hermano (points to his brother’s bedroom).”

Michael: “he’s here?”

Son: “SHHHH he’s sleeping.”

Episode Rating: 5/5