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Well it looks like Michael has finally gotten something good going for him and he manages to screw it up. In this episode we meet Jesse, a publicist who works out at the same gym as Michael. I liked how brutally honest she was in the beginning. It had to be someone outside the family to break the news to them, that they need a change. Especially after Lucille and Lindsay staged a drunken fight at a local fast food diner. It also looked like Tobias was about to go back to being a doctor, which would’ve been a good thing (he needs to find out that he sucks at acting). I found the funniest outcome of that meeting to be Lindsay’s job which was getting people to drink the alcohol so that it can be promoted. The guy who said he would pay her $2,000 to touch him wasn’t a surprise, but creepy. I guess rich men get lonely and desperate (unless he wasn’t rich in which case that’s still pathetic and creepy).

What ticked me off a bit was Tobias. He finally (what seemed like it) admitted that he is gay and yet denied it. I honestly don’t know why Lindsay still puts up with him (probably because of their daughter). After all that convincing to get him to become a doctor, he meets Carl Weathers (playing himself) and uses the plane money to get lessons from him. The funny thing about this is that he was given a similar role in Happy Gilmore, teaching Happy how to play golf (hopefully he doesn’t get killed by a croc this time). Tobias also hints at going to his seminar on acting which Carl didn’t go to because of plane problems. I have a feeling he won’t be unsuccessful in teaching Tobias how to act, because it seems like he is swindling him for money. For one, Carl offers to teach him and when Tobias says “Well I’m afraid I only have $1,100…” then after finding out Lindsay works at a restaurant, Carl gets Tobias to take him there to get some discounted drinks (hopefully).

The phrase “you can always tell a Milfrod man” gets tossed around often in this episode. The significance to that this school is very prestigious and is known for their saying that children should be “neither seen, nor heard.” Ironically the founder who said that is now in a retirement home (but escapes via the Aztec tomb during Gob’s charity show), and his son who has the opposite opinion. Buster was one of its graduates and so when the publicist tells him to stay away from the press; he goes to hide hence the phrase his mother uttered shortly after. I thought there was quite a nice comparison between Michael and the new head of the school, as both hate their fathers and don’t want to be compared to them.

Now back to Michael, because this episode is mostly about him. This new publicist happens to have a crush on him but he goes into father mode (his excuse for not furthering the relationship is that his son isn’t ready for this. Now I find this a bit messed up that he is using his son as a shield for his insecurities. It would be one thing if George Michael used his father as a shield because he is still a very young boy and does not possess the experiences his dad does. Michael on the other hand shouldn’t let that stop him. In fact, I see them talking and opening up to one another all the time at the end of the episode, and they always agree to help each other and talk, but We as the audience never see this being used to its potential. I think this shows just how rocky their father son relationship really is. I guess in this case it turned out to be a good thing, because Jesse turned out to be a total b*&$h. These two honestly need to sit down soon and work their communication out because it doesn’t seem like its working too much.

There was also a reference towards one of the characters in this episode. Being angry about Michael decision, Jesse comes up to GM and says “Daddy lost his shot at happy, and it’s all your fault, Opie.” The narrator then says “Jessie had gone too far, and she had best watch her mouth.” The reason why the narrator acted so defensive about it, was because he (Ron Howard played the character Opie on the Andy Griffith Show who happened to be a 6-year-old who lost his mother. I found this to be interesting and thinking about it after I found this out, I would’ve smacked her across the face for such a comment.

The episode had its funny moments, but didn’t get to me like some of the other episodes. I will give them credit for another hint at Tobias’ sexuality, but it got me a bit angry that he yet again covers it up. Maybe something will happen towards the end of the season but I have a feeling it won’t. I do feel for Michael because I too have been a victim of vicious felines and I’m sure plenty of other men have been too. It’s funny how women always complain how messed up men are and yet they never bother to look in the mirror to realize that they are just as bad if not worse. I just hope he ends up finding the right woman to continue the family (Marta looks like a bright candidate).

Funny quotes and scenes:

A father lifts up a card that says water, asking his son to read it. The child replies with “woman” (possible hint that he too is like Opie and GM).

Jesse: “No, There are very few intelligent, attractive and straight men in this town.”

Tobias: “Well that certainly leaves me out.” (Everyone looks at him)

Tobias: “She said single; you did say single right?”

GBS: “Sorry some of my students are arguing the significance of the shank bone on the cedar plate, but (looking at the inmates) we do not do not wag our genitals at one another to make a point.”

News reporter (asking Gob what happened to Earl Milford): “Where is Earl Milford?”

Gob: “… I put him in a box alright? I didn’t kill him; and don’t edit this for your broadcast so it looks like I said ‘I KILLED EARL MILFORD’.”

(The news airs that part where he says he killed the old man)

Lindsay: “You seem like a man of taste and class.”

Man: “I’ll give you $2,000 to you touch me.”

Tobias: “his name is Carl Weathers, and he is my new acting teacher. Lindsay, he’s teaching me all these valuable life lessons.”

Carl Weathers: “I buy all my cars at police auctions.”

Episode Rating: 4/5