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I honestly thought Gob was on a roll.  After his actions in the last episode, I thought he will rise further, and he did… for a little bit.  Gob’s is being hunted down by the new leader of the alliance of magicians, who wants Gob’s “legs.”  Michael thinking this guy is a Mafioso or loan shark tries to find Gob and warn him.  At the same time, we find out that Gob is cheating on Marta with his legs (the lady who exposes her legs in the sawed in half trick).  So now we find out that this Mafioso is really Gob’s rival.

Michael tries to be a badass in this episode.  Obviously he’s tired of being the saint because it’s not providing him with anything good.  His first act is stealing a leather chair from work (Lindsay protests him getting a leather chair which prompts Maeby to rebel by buying leather clothing).  His second trick is to expose Gob as a cheater in front of Marta who will hopefully come to him.  His plan fails though as Gob give him back his watch and says he wants to be a better brother.  The setup was to get Gob an act at an alliance approved place so he can get back into the organization (he’s reduced to doing tricks at a place similar to Chuck E Cheese).  He was going to ask Marta to be the head of the trick so she can find out about the legs Gob has been cheating with.  Unfortunately legs cancelled at the last-minute, and while Marta was still filling in for head, George Michael (who has girlish legs) became the legs.

Lindsay was right though when she told Michael that he will always be the nice guy.  Nice guys definitely don’t finish in first place though.  Also his conflict with his nice and good side, and what he wants shows up very well, but George Michael serves as a sort of as the watch dog.  He reminds him that stealing is bad and that is how his dad got into jail.  I think GM’s role in this episode was very crucial, because he personifies everything that his dad wants him to be, and yet his naivety gets the better of him most of the time (he tries too hard to follow directions to the dot without thinking outside the box).  And so with this naive nature,  he provides an anchor or check to Michael, whose intentions might not always be for the best.  In raising GM, especially in this episode, Michael realizes that he too has faults and even though he tries to be a better parent than his parents were, he still falls into the pit holes from time to time.

Gob’s situation shows a common behavior amongst 2 spouses.  Their beef begins when Marta disapproves his latest magic trick (he sticks a stick through his neck, in result scaring her boys).  This causes Gob to think that she doesn’t support him which ultimately leads to him taking the “legs” of another woman and sleeping with her.  This volatile relationship that they have is interesting because it happens all too often.  The woman not approving the man’s actions, and the man resorting to cheating in his vulnerability.  I thought it was interesting and a lot of people can relate to Gob’s position.  He also has the opportunity to get back into the alliance only to clumsily reveal to them how he pulled his trick off (he used GM as the legs).  And so, Gob learns yet again the golden rule of magic; that you never reveal how you did it.

Some changes also happen in GBS and Lucille Bluth’s lives.  For starters, GBS has been put in solitary confinement for trying to escape last time.  He then discovers religion in the form of Judaism and uses a ripped part of his shoe as a Yamaka.  It is at this point that he reaches some form of enlightenment and becomes a totally different person.  We see his change when he blesses Busters relationship with Lucille Austero (to Lucille Bluth’s demise).  It’s kind of weird, because usually when you think of inmates discovering faith, you most likely think Christianity or Islam.  The funny thing is that stereotypically speaking, Jews are rich and good with money (which GBS apparently isn’t hence his current predicament).  Then again he and his family are or at least were loaded so in a way it makes sense that he would go towards Judaism.

Towards the end, we see Lucille Bluth figure that Buster is happy and in love with the other Lucille (she looks at Gob and Marta when she finally realizes this).  This prompts her to ask Lucille to go play bridges with her and fix their friendship (Buster finds this disgusting because they are now so close).  Now if this was almost any other member of the family, I would believe that they feel the way Lucille Bluth was portraying herself.  Since it is indeed her, I question her motives.  Knowing Lucille’s manipulative and lying nature, I hardly doubt she is willing to fix her relationship with the other Lucille from a change of heart.  I’m pretty sure in the following episodes; she will reveal herself trying to sabotage their relationship from within.

The episode was good; I thought it had the makings of a good episode but not fully.  Tobias was yet again hinted at being gay by dressing up in leather and going to a gay “leather daddy” club.  One of the reasons it didn’t quite do it for me was that Michael is slowly but surely mimicking his son in terms of infatuation or love for a woman.  Even though his is less creepy than GM’s, the man is supposed to set an example for his kid.  I just thought that it’s no wonder why his son is like him.  They are two of a kind and ultimately will get whipped by women.  Tobias walking into a gay bar was pretty funny though.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Michael: (leaning back on the fake chair) “Maybe your old man is cooler than you thought he was.” (He leans too far and falls back)

As Lucille walks into Busters room she turns on the lights to discover Buster and Lucille under a blanket called a “fort.” Buster yells “Mom you’re ruining our fort!”

Gob: “Two chicks crawl into the box, we call one the head and one the legs.”

Kid at the party place: “So that’s how you they do it.”

Gob: “Ugh, I gotta stop giving these things away.”

Cab Driver: (with an English accent) “Where to mate?”

Tobias: “The Gothic Castle.”

Cab Driver: “The Gothic Arsehole?”

Tobias: “That’s what I said.”

Episode Rating: 4/5