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“Big yellow joint, a big yellow joint…”  And the episode was really good to boot. In case you are wondering, the song was inspired by the Bluth banana stand in the 70’s.  Now what does this have to do with this episode? Well Michael thinks Lindsay’s parenting is hippy like (she applauds Maeby’s C- grade) and hippies smoke weed (except for Lindsay).  The weed was actually for Lucille Austero.

Since she’s not taking medication for her vertigo, Buster find a study he was in that he thinks says weed can help with it.  The interesting part about it is that in his flash back the he participated in, he was found a few days later trying to take a bite out of a giant donut called Randy’s Donuts.  Anybody who knows this place knows that it’s almost a historic landmark (it was copied in the Simpsons along with other movies and shows).  Buster tries to get George Michael to buy the weed for him and convinces him to ask Gob to do it for him.  I thought it was funny how when the narrator is describing what Buster is doing, he shows him walking through what looks like a dangerous neighborhood.  During this time, the Narrator says “So Buster went to the toughest…” but quickly shifts to GM working at the banana stand when the narrator says “toughest most streetwise kid he knew.”  This part was just priceless because you have to be really dumb to peg GM for a tough and streetwise kid.  Seriously, he dresses up like a good old-fashioned white rich boy and that is definitely not tough or streetwise in my book.

Michael as usual falls for the pressure of everyone telling him he’s going too rough on GM.  I honestly think Michael is being a good responsible and caring father.  Yes he can be a bit harsh sometimes, but he only means well and for someone who has to raise a son on his own and raise the rest of his family, I give him a lot of props and respect.

Unfortunately when it looks like your child is under the influence of drugs (evident by the note GM left on Gob’s door), He has to take some measures.  He resorts to his dad’s way of teaching GM a lesson.  His father would hire a man with one arm to teach the kids a lesson (they didn’t post a note that the milk ran out.  Had they done so, he wouldn’t have needed to go now to get the milk and hit the guy).  Now the funny thing about this is that his dad tells him GM is too sweat and innocent and to not use that tactic.

Michael out of all people should not be resorting to this tactic (besides hiring a bunch of village people in cop uniforms is a failure and does indeed fail).  One thing is that Michael is not his father (he spent most of the season so far trying to prove that) he needs to find another way to talk to Gm about this.  Another is that as Lindsay told him in the last episode, he is too kind-hearted and it will never work (boy I hope he learns that lesson soon).  The highlight of the episode was at the end when Michael and Gob get busted by dad with “one last lesson.”  He stages some drug smugglers loading weed on Gob’s house boat and shortly after police arrive and a shoot out begins (the guns were fake).  Shortly after that the man with one arm emerges and says “and that’s why you don’t teach lessons to your son.”  His father is so… I don’t even know how to describe it but he’s a funny and creative dude.  I think GBS is manipulative and smart, but he uses it to a more positive extent than their mother (who is just plain old evil).

We also see Maeby.  Now she has spent most of the season trying to rebel (and often getting GM into trouble in the process).  Her latest ploy was getting bad grades which led to Lindsay finally taking action and making her go work for grandma (Lucille Bluth).  Maeby at first thought it was fun and enjoyed her grandma’s company, but as usual her rebellion failed when Lucille became equally as judgmental about her weight as she was of her mother (Lindsay).  At that point Maeby realized that her mom isn’t as bad as she thought she was.  I guess everyone was taught a lesson in this episode and it was for the best, because reality checks needed to be made.

I liked the end part where Michael and GM finally sat down to talk and GM revealed to his father that he likes his cousin (Michael didn’t think much of that and probably didn’t even believe him).  That moment was touching and to me, represented a point where a father son bond has been strengthened.  This episode was definitely one of the best so far and I am hoping that it keeps on going with this pattern they have of serious and funny.

Funny quotes and scenes:

Narrator: “Back in Boston, Maeby’s parents had enrolled her into a progressive school with its own system of evaluation” The scene shows how next to each class on the report card it says how maybe feels with a picture and at the bottom it said C-.

GBS: “We’re out of milk; I could’ve got it earlier if someone left a note” (he hits the man with one arm with his car and the prosthetic arm is caught on the front of the car). While kids are screaming in horror: “Why, if someone left a note this innocent man would still have his arm, why?”

Man with one arm: “and that’s why you always leave a note.”

Gob walks to a door with a “hot cop” uniform on and a boom box playing stripping music.  He knocks on the door and yells “POLICE OPEN UP!”  As he bends down to put his music on the floor, the person inside blasts the top of the door with a shotgun.

Buster to Michael: “Well I did call it our nausea, but you know that’s when we were going at it really hot and heavy.”

Michael: “well now it’s my nausea.”

The scene where the kids are screaming on a boat and GBS can’t hear the guy with one arm say not yet.  He then says “I guess that means go” which causes the man to lose his fake arm with blood squirting out.  The man then says “and that’s why you don’t yell.”

Episode Rating: 5/5