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WOW!!! I loved this episode.  Lucille Bluth shows us the true depths of her manipulation skills.  We see some relationships shift in this episode.  For one, Lindsay finally goes to visit her father, despite her fear that she would get ravaged by horny inmates looking for a fresh piece of meat.  Instead she’s surprised to notice that they aren’t paying attention to her no matter how provocative she’s dressed.  We later find out that George Sr. has been bribing the inmates so that they don’t turn into savages while she’s visiting.  The funny thing about this is that she wants to tell dad that she doesn’t want to be the beautiful one in the family but wants to be known for other qualities she possesses (I don’t think shed look good being seen like her mother).  In that case she should be glad that they don’t see her for a piece of meat.  If I were her I’d just give up and embrace her outer beauty.

Buster on the other hand seems to be fluctuating in his relationship with Lucille Austero.  On the one hand he feels like he wants to be with her (he kisses her out of impulse), but when he sees his mother, he hides (upon seeing her on the balcony, he runs and jumps through a glass door to evade her).  Damn, she really did do a number on this poor guy.  I hope my kids never turn out as messed up as Buster.

Michael on the other hand gets close to his mother (and almost becomes like Buster).  It’s obvious that her kids hate her (they didn’t attend either of the two surprise birthday parties for her birthday).  On the way home from the second party, Michael lets her drive (big mistake).  She mistakes a man on a Segway for Gob and tries to run him over, only to crash.  While Michael is unconscious she quickly puts him in the driver’s seat so he takes the blame (if she gets one more point on her license things won’t be pretty).

I personally felt bad for Michael because he ends up spending a few days under his mothers care with his short term memory gone.  He of all the other in the family didn’t deserve this.  Maybe if it was Gob or maybe even Tobias I would feel less bad about it.   Every time he tries to remember something his mother hit him on the back of his head “by accident.” I guess it was fun to be in Buster’s seat for a day, especially since he was pumped with enough children’s aspirin to not feel the knocks on his head.

The crowning moment of the episode however was Gob.  Yes, Gob finally did something useful and didn’t fail at it.  Gob was able to piece the whole mystery together out of suspicion and came to Michael’s aid to reveal the truth (especially with the info Lindsay provided him about those “protein bars” Lucille was carrying to GBS).  That and Michael called him telling him he is sorry for trying ot run him over (which Gob thought was weird coming from Michael).  That moment was just WOW (I guess I can’t call Gob a complete dumbass now)!!  They finally managed to get it through her thick skull that the reason everyone hates her is because, she is an angry vengeful and manipulative woman.

Another aspect of this episode that I thought was neat was the scene where Michael and Lucille crash.  As mentioned in a previous blog, the camera work in the show is specifically made the way it is to create a documentary or reality show like atmosphere.  I think that technique was shown the best here so far, as when they crashed the camera went into the noisy scrambled screen, as if the cameraman and camera were also involved in the crash.  The camera then wobbles a little bit and zooms shakily towards the scene of the accident.  This I thought was pretty cool and really made the episode stand out from a filming point of view.

I am giving this episode the following score because, Gob proved to be useful, Lucille Bluth finally got it from the rest of the family about her nature and Michael got to be in Buster’s shoes for a day (or two).  Also my expectations for a love triangle have begun to bloom.  Michael made his first attempt to get Gob away from Marta (who he has been stalking).  When told he can’t live in the family yacht anymore, Gob suggested in a disgusted tone that he doesn’t want to move in with Marta.  Michael then suggested that he leave her and let her be with someone more deserving (go Michael).  I guess widows are making a comeback now, since both Michael and Lucille Austero are to be trying to move past their individual family loss and rediscover love.

I notice there s a move from funny quotes to funny scenes so I will be implementing both in this segment of the blog, and so without further adieu, I present my choices for this episodes funny quotes (and scenes):

(Second surprise party) Michael opens up the back room and yells “SURPRISE!!” (They find the male and female cleaners making out on the table).

Buster to Lucille Austero: “You know my panic attacks have decreased.  I feel confident, I’m feeling proud even.  I mean, for the first time in my life…” (After seeing his mother across the balcony runs into a glass door).

Gob to his mother: “… I was half way to South America, but I couldn’t let you get away with it, because we’re brothers mom (with his arm around Michael); and we kinda like each other.”

Episode Rating: 5/5