viewed at 9 A.M. at a friend’s house with a friend

One name describes who this episode is centered around; Lucille Bluth.  We meet another incompetent character in this episode; The Bluth Lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn.  With someone like that as your lawyer, you can’t help but feel sorry for this family and their predicament. He offers them to let their father free for $20,000, and sneaks in that it’s for one day (this day happens to be the art pageant).  This art pageant is when families are put in famous paintings as the characters (the Bluths always get Michelangelo’s the creation of Adam).  George Bluth Sr. is usually god, while Buster plays Adam (which he doesn’t want to do).  Apparently Buster has gone forth with dating Lucille Austero and doesn’t want his mom to find out about it (they eventually go to the pageant and buster is caught with her by his mother).

This time though, George Michael plays Adam which allows him to wear a muscle suite to impress Maeby (that plan fails).  Upon seeing how the picture is supposed to look, GM discovers that his sexual organs will be on display or better yet a prop of it.  He feels embarrassed about it, but after a talk with Tobias (who is a never nude) GM decides to wear denim short shorts which apparently pisses off a lot of people.  Now Tobias’s case is weird because I have never heard of someone who is a never nude (up until this revelation everybody thought Tobias just liked wearing them; another hint at his potential sexual preference).

Now back to Lucille, she sees that Michael and Lindsay are becoming friendly and sees this as a rise to everybody hating her, so she turns to her manipulative ways and presents false information between the two to turn them against each other.  This ends up failing because they both see what is going on here.  Originally Michael was going to lend Lindsay the money to pay off the credit card debt, but they decide to use it to free dad for the following reason.  Michael, being the only rational one in the family sees Barry as incompetent and just out to make a quick buck for doing nothing (aren’t all lawyers?). On top of that, they both want ot teach their mother a lesson.  His goal is to hire Wayne Jarvis who is Barry’s rival (wow more rivals in this show, just what we need).

Wayne won a case against Barry where Barry called his gay employee a homo.  (Barry mentions something about homo’s in the beginning which he realizes was wrong to say).  It’s actually a bit interesting because, the actress who plays Lindsay; Portia de Rossi is actually a lesbian in real life.  The parallel drawn there is that Portia would probably feel for the man Barry was sued by and stand by him (her character being someone about rights would protest Barry as well and actually agrees with Michael’s opinion of Barry).  This will be accomplished by letting dad see Lucille Bluth with Barry (who they assume is “admiring” Lucille).  As usual, their plan for revenge fails  because not only is Lucille there with Wayne, but their father tries to run away (that plan fails too).

Gob actually accomplished something for once in this series.  He has proven that you can go lower than dumb.  After getting drunk with Lindsay, Michael admits that he has fallen for Gob’s girlfriend Marta.  During the episode, he is caught by Gob listening to a business training tape to speak in Spanish and tickets to Portugal (which were fakes printed by Maeby to see how her parents would respond to her leaving).  I guess he still can’t put 2 and 2 together to figure out that Michael is out for Marta.  This suits me fine, as I think Gob doesn’t deserve her in the first place.  I seriously don’t see what she sees in Gob and it kind of bothers me, because she’s not some stupid woman; she is smart and knows he’s an ass.  I guess it’s true that nice guys finish last.

I watched this episode with a friend the other day.  She had no idea what was going on but thought it was a funny episode.  She said that her favorite part was Tobias coming out of one of those tryout stalls with the underwear on top of his short shorts.  He was asking the woman who works there how well they hide his “thunder,” which I thought was funny and typical of Tobias.  I on the other hand though the chase at the end between GBS, Michael and Gob was funnier to me because, Michael is running after his father to stop him from escaping while Gob is chasing Michael on his Segway (he thinks Michael is packing his bags to leave south of the border and abandoning the family).  Just the sight of GBS running in his god costume was funny, especially with his beard about to fall off.  After he hears that their mom is here on a date with someone he runs back only to get tazed by the cop watching him.  Also a bit hard to notice, but the episode was around Christmas (within the show’s time) and yet the house cleaner, Lupe was wearing “BOO!” shirt.  I guess she didn’t realize what holiday it was.  All in all, this episode had the makings of a good episode like most of them.  It had deception, failure and made it all look funny.  I just hope they get rid of Barry soon because, I have a feeling he’s going to do them more damage than help.

Funny Quotes:

Tobias: “I would be happy to Adam uh, I prefer a speaking part-“

Lindsay (interrupting Tobias): “Please don’t speak for the rest of the meeting.”

Tobias: “Excuse me; do these effectively hide my thunder?”

Gob: “New attorney and he’s learning Spanish?  He’s hiding something; and I intend to find out what it is.”

Lucille: “Do yourself a favor.  Get him drunk.”

Random lady (asking about GBS missing): “Where is god?”

Another random lady: “There is no god!”

Episode Rating: 5/5