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Wow, talk about action, this episode was full of it (the right and wrong kind).  In this episode, we see two relationships struggling (3 if you count GM and Maeby but that’s just wrong if u ask me).  The couples in play here are Tobias/ Lindsay and Lucille/ George Sr.  To start things off There are some shady international accounts that Michael needs and yet again nobody will give him.  Kitty knows it and after connecting her attraction with Gob, Michael helps him by asking him to get close to her to find out about them.  Gob is forced to have sex with her in the storage room and regrets it (she’s cross-eyed without the glasses and her hair, when untied is horrendous).  Unfortunately he doesn’t get the information Michael seeks (who didn’t see that coming after all the previous failures).  Gob is only doing this to get help in convincing the warden to sign off that he escaped in a magician fashion (his latter to the warden gets him arrested with his head poking into the trailer his mom and dad are doing the dirty deed in).  Talk about desperate; Gob is one guy who I certainly am glad I am not.

Tobias and Lindsay meanwhile are on the verge of a divorce (she doesn’t support his acting, especially after she pulls his towel off to find him wearing short denim shorts).  I kind of wish Tobias would finally get a revelation that he is gay.  Not only would that add another twist into the story, but it’s also just one of those things where it is so plain obvious that everybody could see it.  Lindsay even hinted at it in episode 1 when Tobias found his new passion.  They end up going for therapy only to convert the therapist into an actor.  Unfortunately it did not solve the fact that Tobias was paying more attention to acting than he was to Lindsay.

Meanwhile, Bluth Sr. wants out after witnessing the umpire get killed by an inmate during a softball game.  He has also admitted that he’s horny and hasn’t had sex in a month even though he’s been in here for 2 (take it however you want, but my money is on him and T-Bone since they were cell-mates).  He convinces Michael to get Lucille to come which Michael does (only to find out that for the past 8 years he has been having an affair with Kitty).  I guess he took off his glasses when he was with her too so he didn’t have to suffer the same fate as Gob did.  So in a way one relationship has been reignited while the other seems to be growing progressively apart.

I think the best scene was when Gob tries to get out of the trailer Kitty is in only to confront the warden, who just read his threat letter.  The warden detains him against the trailer window that Bluth Sr. and Lucille are doing it in.  It was just so funny not only because Gob got screwed over (never seems to get old), but because the thought of his parents having sex repulses him (he mentions this midway into the episode).  Poor fool, that Gob.  I just felt sorry for him.  That and the scene where Gob and Kitty have sex the first time, because she repulsed him so much after taking her glasses off and her hair down.  Even the lights off didn’t help because there was some light still present.  If I were him, I’d stick with his wife but then again I think she should’ve left him for Michael a long time ago (or at least after spending time with Michael during the awards ceremony).  The episode was full of laughs and maybe even more so than the previous ones.  I’m liking this show more and more as at progresses towards the end of the first season.

Funny Quotes:

George Bluth Sr.: “Daddy horney Michael.”

Gob (in the room with Kitty): “It just seems like there’s light coming in from under the door.”

Michael: “What’s your great news?”

Gob: “I f***ed Kitty.”

Michael: “No! Gob, I just wanted you to get the information.”

Gob: “I got the information”

Michael: “You did huh? About the international accounts?”

Gobe: “Oh I see where you’re getting at, no I didn’t get any information.”

Michael: “That’s great, good good good Gob, well you just lost the touch lamp… I’m gonna use the touch lamp to set the mood in the conjugal trailer where   dad’s nailing mom.”

Gob (totally disgusted by what he just heard): “… Michael; you are filthy!”

Episode Rating: 5/5