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Wow, this episode was definitely interesting.  The word charity gets tossed around in this episode but the people using it are the least charitable which I found funny.  So poor Michael has to ride a bike to work in a heat wave and finds out he lied to his investors (his dad forgot to file the permits for the buildings).  When presented the alternative to use his father’s car, he gets a memory from the past that tells him he won’t.  Fortunately for him, the rest of the family has been using it and after what they did to it, riding the car seemed more justifiable for Michael (Buster left bones in the back, Gob set the seats on fire and Lindsay spills blood-colored nail polish on the dashboard).

One top of that, Lindsay tries to prove that she cares about nature by going on a Bachelorette auction to raise funds for the wetlands.  She tries so hard to pass off as caring but it just doesn’t seem genuine.  In fact to prove just how genuine she is she goes to a wetland to clean up garbage (her first victim is the death of a frog by a poker).  Meanwhile Gob is embarrassed in front of his nephew by Michael when Michael refuses to give him the frozen banana for free (this travels to everyone who gives Michael a hard time about it).  Lucille Bluth goes on too if only for the satisfaction of outbidding Lucille Austero (such charitable work).    She plans to have Buster bid $10,000 on her to win.

Michael, feeling charitable himself, picks up a Spanish lady who he thinks is his mom’s substitute for Lupe (her normal cleaning lady).  He later gets arrested for kidnapping her; so much for being charitable on his behalf.  At least he showed his sister that he really did care about the family by bidding $1,000 on her (she came back from the wetlands looking like she got raped by a bear).

Gob yet again failed to help his family.  He was asked to infiltrate the office to sneak the permits in (as per his father’s request).  Unfortunately his incident with a candy apple cracks a tooth and provides him with a whistle every time he produces the /s/ sound.  He tries to get in as the new delivery man but gets his picture taken and identity compromised. Now here is where it gets interesting.  Michael told his son to give Gob respect and listen to whatever he tells him.  Gob then gets George Michael to go.  Now normally George Michael wouldn’t do it, but… Maeby thinks it’ll be fun and he, thinking with his other head decides to go for it.  What a creepy kid, seriously how can you have such feelings for your cousin?  I guess Michael’s parental responsibilities have made him an offshoot of Buster (I think Buster is Alpha and George Michael is Beta).  Obviously they get caught but George Michael takes the blame allowing Maeby to get away.  Boy does love make you do crazy things.  Towards the end of the episode, Michael and his son both meet in the same cop car with handcuffs on.

The funniest part though hands down, was Buster’s scene at the end.  He’s been avoiding Lucille Austero all this time because she keeps calling him.  When he runs inside the auction room he hears Lucille’s name and bids $10,000 on her.  I think it’s easy to guess which Lucille he bid on, as he passes out afterwards.  It felt almost like one of those MasterCard commercials where they list the price of stuff and then the last one is priceless.

Just for the scene at the end of Buster bidding on the wrong Lucille, this episode gets a good score (of course the episode itself was very solid and funny).

Funny Quotes:

Lindsay (to the taxi driver on the way to the wetlands): “I don’t know if that’s you, or your car, or something you ate, or you are about to eat, but my god you’re in a service business!”

Lindsay (later on the way back to the taxi driver): “Oh lord, you smell worse than before; Oh My God it’s me!”

Michael (about to bid on his sister to make her feel better about her scratches): “1,000”

Auctioneer: “seriously?  Sold to the man who truly knows what charity is.” (I just thought it was a good way to rub into Lindsay’s face that Michael really does care about the family, even though they don’t see it that way).

Buster (running into the Auction room late): “$10,000!” (Then the priceless look on his face when he realizes who he really bid on).

Episode Rating: 5/5