Viewed 12:30 P.M. at home

I guess there must come a time when everything turns from good to bad and I guess this episode was it.  There was just something about this episode that didn’t quit get me as the previous ones did.  It seems like the family is finally picking up speed as Michael is getting ready to build his housing project.  The only thing stopping him is some nature freak who doesn’t want them to cut down the trees.  He then asks his sister Lindsay to go talk to him since she is a nature lover too.  The funny thing about that is as she was telling Michael how much she loves nature and is for that guy, he points out that her boots were made from Ostriches.  You just gotta love a hypocrite like her.  She ends up going and convincing him to come down by leading him on which is typical of her.

Meanwhile we are introduced to Gob’s wife Marta Estrella who happens to be an actress in a Spanish soap opera.  This is yet another of Gob’s failures as he keeps coming back to her and going away.  Towards the beginning of the episode he sits with her and her children while a Spanish TV show interviews her about her recent nomination.  His attempt to get away from her was telling the camera that he plans to go in the prison his dad is in and escape on the night of her ceremony.  First off, I just have to say that she is a gorgeous woman and if an idiot like Gob doesn’t want to be with her then he really is a failure.  The show almost had a love triangle because as a favor, Michael took her to the awards only to find her to be the woman he has been waiting for.  Unfortunately for Michael, She and Gob get back together at the end.  Wow, so much for happy endings.  I felt bad for Michael because he really deserved her.

His prison sentence turns out to be not so bad because he gets to bond with his father.  In a typical move by a show it is revealed that George Bluth Sr. always called Gob a failure and hence why his life is so messed up.  They end up playing catch only for Gob to get stabbed by the worlds dumbest white supremacist (refer to this episodes funny quote to see why he is retarded).  Well at least Gob got out of prison even though it was on a stretcher.

Buster on the other hand has been progressing in his independence from his mother.  He ends up going to the Spanish acting awards with his mother but without his glasses.  That part was so funny because he was like Ray Charles at a piñata party, talking to a table with food in a giant sombrero.  He ends up getting noticed by Lucille’s rival Lucille Austero.  The reason why this was funny was because later when in the hospital Buster encounters her (with glasses on this time) and realizes she’s the one who gave him the note.  Once he takes his glasses off and realizes who she was at the party he has a panic attack and falls.  Lucille trying to hold him up suffers from her vertigo problems and falls down as well.  These two look like a match made in heaven if you ask me.

So after coming to the end of this episodes blog, I kind of warmed up to the episode.  I guess it’s not as bad as I initially thought after watching it the first time.  With that said, it still didn’t impress me as much as the others.  I guess it was because it was in a way a happy ending, or at least happier than the previous.  I think this episode was meant to be the way it is though, because it looks like things are about to heat up.  With Busters rebellion, coming into shape, maybe Tobias admitting that he’s gay and Lindsay getting a job will be on the horizon (I’m not holding my breath for the last one).

Funny Quotes:

Lucille Bluth: “Can I get a vodka tonic please? A sea of waiters and no one will take a drink order.”  (She was at the Spanish awards show).

“White Power” Bill: (after stabbing Gob) “WHITE POWER!!”

Gob: “I am white.”

Gob: (upon waking up in the hospital) “Am I still in prison?”

Lucille Bluth: “You’re in the hospital.”

Gob: “Tada”

Episode Rating: 3.5/5