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I find it so true when kids say parents just don’t understand us.  I too said that line or some variation of it when I was younger, and this episode does a pretty good job of bringing that point up.  Worst case scenario; Buster and the best are a tie between George Michael and Maeby.  It becomes apparent that George Michael has a crush on his cousin Maeby and this is shown in his decision to join the school play that she signs up for.  This goes against the plans of his father, who made it a tradition to make cornballs in their family Corn Baller machine and going to bike.

Tobias, at the same time thinks Maeby is doing this to reach out to her “actor father” (which is definitely not his strong side).  It’s kind of interesting how the actor David Cross is acting in the show and does a very good job, while his character is a really bad actor (he can’t even take a hint).  He will later try to connect with her by taking over the play which as usual will go very wrong (it’s practically a trademark of the family and apparently Tobias has inherited it by marrying Lindsay).  We also see Tobias exhibit more of his homosexual side (which he has been denying for now).  He misinterprets the fact that Michael was wrong about his son not spending time with him because of a girl for the other way around.  With that, he tries to play cupid by making George Michael the male and Steve Holt the female of the play.  As my high school journalism teacher Mr. Dun once said “you can’t fix stupid.”  Fortunately George Michael drops out and Maeby comes back in ( she plays the male while Steve plays the female).

The interesting part however is Lucille.  Lucille has been portrayed as the female counterpart of her husband George Bluth Sr.  By this I mean that she is selfish and manipulative.  The reason why I mentioned that Buster is the worst case is that she pretty much treated him like a little child and kept him under her stranglehold his whole life.  Even though in age he’s within the same range as his brothers Michael and Gob, mentally he isn’t and depends on his mother.  Now normally Buster would be away on his studies around this time, but since the family account is frozen, there is no money to send him away and hence he stays with his mother.  This presents itself as a problem for her as she realizes finally that she needs to let him go.  In her traditional fashion, she calls Michael and makes him take his brother to work with him to get Buster off her back.

The time Buster spends with Michael is well worth it as by the end, he starts to rebel a little against his mother (he says he will sit in the front as opposed to Lucille’s request for him to sit in the back of the car).  It seems that her plan to get Buster out of her life has backfired after hearing that others are influencing him to say bad things about her (we all know there was no influence, he really meant it).  It also becomes apparent that Lindsay has a big mouth on her as her selfish intentions have triggered both Buster leaving his mother and her taking him back.  (she told Lucille in an act of aggression what Buster thought of her).

A theme of interest in this episode was the tug-a-war that Michael was in the middle of.  On the one hand were Lindsay, Tobias and Bluth Sr. who told him to let his son go and stop being so controlling.  On the other hand was his mother who tells him at the end “… you better hope that little bird decides to fly back to your house, because they usually don’t.”  now I personally hate her and think she’s a drunk, rich and senile fool but in this episode she actually made sense.  In any case Michael now has to walk the fine line between the two choices and we will have to see by the end of the season which he chooses.

I give this episode a full grade, not because everybody kept getting burned by the Corn Baller or that Tobias has returned to cry in the shower after reading bad reviews of his play.  I give it a full grade because I was really able to relate to this episode.  I myself struggle with the way my parents brought me up and their ideologies while trying to rebel.  I did it more as a youth but now I realize that as hard as it is to accept, sometimes they are right.  For this I feel for Michael in his struggle to walk the fine line between the two forces (his mom and dad).  I guess one could say that this episode was both food for thought and desert for laughter (patent pending on this quote).

Funny Quotes:

Lucille to Michael: “… everyone is going on bike rides and making corn holes, everyone’s riding and laughing and corn holing except for Buster…”

Steve Holt: “STEVE HOLT!!” (I only find this funny because he reminds me of Mongo the village idiot when he does that)

The two times that Buster curses excessively during this episode (I laugh when I hear those blips because I think they are hilarious, especially in this case).

Episode Rating:  5/5