Well what can be said about the second episode?  To me it feels like The Biggest Loser or some offshoot from it where its day two and none of the contestants are taking their predicament seriously.  Same thing in the case of what is going on in this episode.  To start things off, the news channel reports that the famous Bluth frozen banana stand has been burned down.  Going back a week before this happens, Michael visits his dad in jail to find out where he put his flight records so he can get money to help the family.

His father tells him “there’s always money in the banana stand… click click.”  The clicks are the sounds he makes to signal that it is code for literally money in the banana stand.  Unfortunately Michael does not realize this, in fact he doesn’t get the hint the second time either (his hatred for his father blinds him to the cues is my guess). He finally understands towards the end, when his father hears the banana stand was burned and tells him the money was in the walls.  He ends up going to his mother for the location only to find that she is hiding their whereabouts from him.  I find the relationship shown here between Michael and his father to be that of an adult who hated his parents and is trying to raise his son better.  This is seen in the part where Michael gets a memory of when he was a child and worked miserably in that stand.  He then tells his father that he has made his son, George Michael the manager.

Meanwhile Tobias tries to find a gig for his new acting career which he fails in only to have it taken by his wife Lindsay.  She unfortunately gets plastered the night before and wakes up late for the shooting of a commercial.  The ironic part about this is that her excuse for lying around in the beginning, was that her job was to support her husband and she was clearly not doing that (he cried for most of the episode in a shower).

Her daughter Maeby is hired to work with George Michael now at the banana stand along with T-Bone, an ex-inmate who shared a cell with George Bluth Sr.  She too fails at her job when she starts embezzling money by throwing out a banana for every dollar she spends.  Later they both realize they are screwed up and Georg Michael thinking what his grandpa would do, decides to burn the stand down.

Gob is yet another failure which seems to be the trademark of this family.  I find Gob to be the epitome of leech though because; he can’t survive by himself clearly.  His plans always fail, he always complains to his younger brother Michael and their mother and he can never do even the simplest task right.  Case and point is when Michael finally decides to pity this fool (cue the Mr. T intro) and asks him to mail a very important envelope which contains insurance payments.  Gob instead goes to the beach and in an act of defiance throws the mail into the ocean (after having failed the first few attempts and forced to go into the water).  He will also nag how nobody asks him for help and when they do he always leaves saying he has other agenda’s.

I really liked this episode and thought it had some sense of wit about it.  My favorite scene was when George Bluth Sr. was telling his son how much he loves it in prison and how it’s a vacation.  Then T-Bone comes in and is said to be released that day and Michael says something about vacations having to end.  To this George Bluth Sr. responds that Michael has made a fool out of himself in front of T-Bone.  I also thought that the ending where Gob, Michael and George Michael watch the fire burn was hilarious, because Gob approached them with his Segway and as soon as Michael asked him if he mailed the check, Gob retreated only to be chased by his brother. The entertainment of this family was worth the watch and hopefully is an indicator of what’s to come.

Funny Quotes:

George Bluth Sr.: “… this is my vacation… T’s checkin out today.”

Michael: “well, guess every vacation has to come to an end.”

GBS: (after a moment of silence and T-Bone’s departure) “You just made a fool out of yourself in front of T-Bone.”

T-Bone: “I think you should do that math again.”

George Michael: “Wh-why, is it wrong?”

Maeby: “It’s fine; he’s an arsonist not an embezzler.”

Lucille: Aftera dish with flaming bananas is put on their table) “You might wanna let that fire go out before you stick your face in it.”

Lindsay: “Ah that’s funny because I was gonna say you might wanna lean away from that fire since your soaked in alcohol.”

Lucille: “Mine was better.”

Episode Rating: 5/5