When I first heard of this show or more specifically, the name of it the first thing that came to my mind was a story about someone or a group of people who are stifled from living their normal lives.  Turns out I was almost right about it.  The show pretty much shows the life of a family who is living the high life until the head of the company (George Bluth Sr.) is arrested during his retirement ceremony.  Apparently he was using the company money for his personal gains.  After this the company’s funds are frozen and the family is forced to change the way they live their lives.  Bluth Sr. nominates his wife who then nominates her son Buster to be the CEO of the company (his only real experience with business was 18th century agrarian business).  After that plan fails, they stage an intervention to get Michael to take the lead.  Michael at the same time is offered a job from a rival company but turns it down for the sake of his son growing up with a family (Michael is unfortunately a widow).

Some interesting aspects of this show were that for one the camera wobbles a lot which suggests that it’s being carried and not on a tripod.  I thought this was clever in that it almost satirizes the reality shows we see today.  The show itself almost played out like a reality series to be honest, except it had a comedic aspect to it.  It also has a documentary feel to it, especially with the narrator always describing the back-story of the current moment.  Another thing that was good about the show was how well each character was developed.

Each one was so unique and in a way portrayed the typical high earning family and its stereotypes.  You have Buster who is the momma’s boy, Lindsay who is the beautiful woman who cons her way and spends more than she earns and the mother (Lucille), who is the female version of her husband.  The one thing they all had in common for the most part was that they refused to want to work and relied on the funds coming from the Bluth Company for their personal gains.  I think none of them showed this more than Gob (pronounced jobe as in the guy from the bible), who has failed in his magic acts and either needed money or a job and even favors from the family.  Michael Bluth of course was probably the sanest one and pretty much served as the rational, smart anchor to keep the family in one piece.

I also thought that it was hilarious how David Cross played the role of Tobias Fünke.  To me he came across as a satyr of the popular Dr. Phil because that man too is a failure at his supposed psychological practices (or at least I think so).  In my mind, they both don’t know what they are doing with their professions and often make dumb decisions (hence he lost his license).  I don’t know if this was intentional, but it added a certain feeling of rebelliousness against the popular shows and events that occur in our lives.  I also find the actor Michael Cera to be a little weird.  I think this was his first appearance in the media and ever since then, all of his roles were of a shy emo and emotionally confused child ( just like his role in this show).  I get the feeling that he is like that in real life as he is just so good at it (for better or for worse).

The episode for an opener to the show, was actually done pretty well.  The plot and development of the characters isn’t shoved right down your throat but is elaborately explained throughout the story.  It’s established through the dialogue and the narrations which smooth out really nicely.    I liked the scene where Michael and George Michael are eating breakfast and George Michael thinks this is a real house.  Then Michael responds that it isn’t and picks up the prop turkey to take cereal out from the bottom.

I also like Gob, because his life is pretty much the definition of failure.  He like his sister Lindsay, are schemers that will try to make a quick buck off of anything they can.  Unfortunately it looks so much more entertaining when he fails, because often times its pure irony.  For example, in the first episode he forms this alliance of magicians to protest any who reveal their secrets, and yet towards the middle of the episode his father is found by police dogs in his “Aztec Tomb” and its trick is revealed.  This essentially gets him on their blacklist (later we see a father saying he would be more comfortable with an alliance certified magician).  Overall the episode was really good and did what an opener should do; establish the story and point of the show in a brief and concise manner while being entertaining and laying the groundwork for future episodes.

Funny quotes:

Michael: “So, this is the magic trick huh?”

Gob: “Illusion Michael, a trick is something a whore does for money… or candy.”

George Michael: “looks like a foot.”

Maeby: “It tasted like a foot, which I didn’t really mind but I’m pretty sure I said no nuts.”

Rival Housing Estate Contractor: “Well set you up in Arizona in one of our finest estates.”

Michael: “Attic or main house?”

RHEC: “hahahaha!”

Episode Rating: 5/5